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Entertaining the Kids This Season

For many years now, the Christmas season has proved to be the most awaited period of the year. To most of us, the season is a reprieve, affording us a chance to visit parents, relatives, and an ample, stress-free time to spend with family. Most people drain their bank accounts on presents and gift hampers, and that is what makes it a special moment for many people across the globe.

On a higher note, kids get so enthralled by the season that you would think their year spirals around it. They can gnaw at any foodstuffs, play for as long as they want, open their hands for all kinds of presents, and meet new friends
and relatives.

However, with the lockdown horror this year, most parents have deemed entertaining their kids in this season as an impassable route. Trying to figure out how they are going to spend time with their kids blows their minds completely. While things may not be as they were in the past years when there were no social restrictions, you can still make this particular season all fun for your kids.

Wondering how?

The So Sandy Toy Case

The So Sand toy case is not only great for kids but also for teens. The kit is designed to engage young minds. The little ones can mould the powdered sand into any desired shape. They can then begin slicing, squishing, or even crushing the mould. The latter captures the mind of your youngster and provides an extended period of fun.

The Sand kits are intentionally designed to create a great and pleasant tranquillisation sensation. Watching the sand melt in between their fingers along with the soft sounds produced is oddly captivating, let alone relaxing.
Moreiver, listening to the tender sounds made when slicing or crushing the magic sand rouses sensory stimulation (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), hence calming them down. Therefore, this becomes a great gift to
kids who have been suffering from lockdown stress.

Kids Christmas Attire

Through the years, parents have showered their kids with new clothes for the Christmas season. While this may feel too obsolete, it may not be the case for your kids. Most kids love flaunting their Christmas attire even after the festive
season. Are you tired of the boring Christmas clothes designs worn by your kids years on end?

Check out what bubswarehouse sale has in store for you this season. You will  find lots of eye-catching designs for both your little lad and princess. They have unique rompers, tops, bottoms, headwear, footwear, etc. for the latter.
While visiting our store serves you a better chance of getting to have a look at the wide variety of clothes we have, our online store works to get all our clients within Australia and beyond covered.

Toys Hamper

Christmas stocking in pack in box

Photo by Rhys Wang on Unsplash

Toys keep a childs mind engaged. If you want to know how toys can be fascinating to little ones, just walk into a store. Most toys are designed to fit the children’s way of thinking. Besides entertaining kids, toys are also essential in child development. That shows how important they are in every stage of your little ones growth.

Since kids have a lot to explore, toys give them an excellent opportunity to achieve that. As you might have noticed, your kids develop an interest in different toys as they grow. Toys are tailored to fit specific age groups. Lets briefly dive into the different ages viz a viz their recommended toys.

For babies, look for toys with a variety of colours, shapes, and textures. These variations are essential in the stimulation of their vision development. Moreover, toys that make sounds or music are fascinating to toddlers. Get blocks for your baby to help steer their motor skills, as well as their coordination.

● 1 To 12 Months

black cupcake

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Babies below one year would need toys that involve hand-eye coordination. Light up dance mats that have sounds are recommendable, as well as stackers, mobiles, soothers, infant play, etc.

● 1 To 3 Years

On the other hand, toddlers are just learning how to walk. You want to choose toys that will help them sustain their body balance. You can introduce toys that will make their newly acquired mobility all fun for this season. They
include; stride & ride toys, push cars, walkers, etc.

● The School-Aged

girl in red framed eyeglasses and gray sweater sitting on brown wooden chair

Photo by Zahra Amiri on Unsplash

For the school-aged, fishing educational toys for them would make learning in this season enjoyable. As a result, they make it a norm to learn and acquire knowledge even when out of school. Furthermore, you can get toys that steer
physical play such as, basketball hoops, t-ball stands, magnetic building blocks, etc.

Nurture Your Child’s Aptitude for Activities

As a parent, you know the activities your child likes. You want to nurture that into something they will benefit from in the future. If your child loves cars, there is quite a lot you can choose from bubswarehouse electric cars. From here, you will get all kinds of toy cars that your child would love to have.

However, with electric and ride-on toys, be sure to apply the recommended safety measures. Besides cars, our online store has a lot to offer; from toy kitchenware for the young cooking fanatics to tool belts.

On another note, according to psychologists, toys influence children’s social lives both positively and negatively. In what ways?

When a boy learns that they can not play with certain toys, because they are meant for girls, he in that way discovers his gender identity. Additionally, according to Isabelle Cherney, a developmental psychologist at Creighton University, a boy is less likely to play with toys he haswatched girls play with, probably due to fear of intimidation by his colleagues.

Nonetheless, a team of Australian experts recently came out boldly to encourage parents to buy toys free from gender biases, as toys should generally serve as tools to widen children’s learning opportunities.

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