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Emergency or Not? Diagnosing Problems at Home

Emergencies at home are something that everyone is likely to have to deal with at some point. There are lots of things that can go wrong, leading to you having to make emergency repairs or even leave your home. But sometimes you might be unsure about whether something that needs to be prepared is a real emergency, or whether it’s possible to patch it up or even ignore it for a little longer until you can sort it out properly. You don’t always have the time and money to fix things, so it can be helpful if you can put it off. But how do you know if something is an emergency or not?

Ask the Experts

Asking the experts is often the best thing you can do when you’re not sure if you have an emergency on your hands. This can mean a few different things, depending on where you want to go to get advice. It could mean a quick online search, which will show you advice from experts around the world. Another option might be calling someone who can offer you expert advice. Maybe your energy company can tell you whether you have an emergency with your heating system. Your plumber friend might be able to tell you if that small leak is an emergency or if it can wait to be fixed.


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Know Your Home

It’s important to be familiar with your own home. If you don’t know what you’re dealing with, it can make it harder to tackle any problems that might arise. So, if you know that you have a double skinned oil tank, you know that an oil tank crack is slightly less urgent than if you have a single skinned tank. If you know where the water stopcock is, you will be able to turn off the water when necessary to give yourself more time if you have a problem.

Consider Urgency

It’s always important to consider the urgency of a repair and how much damage is possible when considering whether to treat something like an emergency. Sometimes it’s obvious that you need to deal with something right away. You wouldn’t stand there and do nothing while a fire was burning or your home was flooding. But there are other times when you need to think more carefully about how quickly a problem needs to be fixed. Is it likely to cause a lot of damage quickly if you leave it?

Check for Temporary Fixes

It’s a good idea to check for any temporary fixes that might hold you over until you can arrange for some proper repairs. This can turn something that looks like an emergency into a slightly less urgent situation. It could give you a few more hours, days or even longer to find the right solution to your problem. Looking online or asking for someone’s expert opinion can often help you to do this.

If you’re not sure whether you’re dealing with an emergency, take some time to assess the situation before you take action.

Emergency or Not? Diagnosing Problems at Home

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