Driving With A Blue Badge Passenger

As you all know I have a Daughter with a chronic illness, part of her illness means walking too far or walking at all is common for us now, so we need to rely heavily on her wheelchair.

We are lucky enough to have been granted a blue badge. Which means when we are out we can park in easier spaces to enable her to get out of the car and into her chair easily.

One thing that I have noticed since using disabled parking bays when out with C, is the looks we get. As to say how dare you park there. I have heard comments made under peoples breathes, I have had tuts and filthy looks. Even had someone come up and ask what is wrong with her as I have walked around to the boot to get her chair out.  What a lot of people do not realise is that a lot of disabilities are hidden.  Why do I get these looks and comments because I drive a normal car.  We had it before she became ill and it has a huge boot area which her chair fits into. I have now got the lifting down to a fine art.

With having a chronic illness or disability, the right car is so important. You need to think of so many things including space for the wheelchair. Or if the seats that they are not too low.  There are companies out there that specialise in helping find the perfect car. Whether you want to buy or hire with so many choices.

We were lucky that our car was suitable for space and comfort for getting in and out of the car, and having a blue badge is not a privilege it just makes life a little bit easier for the sufferer to get in and out of the car.

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