Dreaming Of Summer 2019

I know we have only just had our Summer this year. We are just getting back to normality with the school runs, and the 101 clubs that kids like to do.  But I have been looking at Summer 2019 already.

We have not had a holiday this year. It has been over three years since we had a proper family holiday, due to C’s illness. But we are hoping that we will be able to have a family break next year.

There will be many factors when looking at holidays abroad. As we need to make sure that we can make it as easy as we can to make it less tiring for her.

So we have to look at

  • flight times
  • distance from the airport
  • accommodation
  • easy of getting around the resort

We love going All Inclusive now, have done since C was little. We find it easier, especially with children who forever want something.

So in the hope we can go away I have been looking for holidays and drawing up a short list of holidays


I have been to Portugal for a holiday many years ago now and fell in love with the country, the beaches are beautiful, the food was amazing and everyone so friendly.  and the flight time is under 3 hours, making it manageable for C.


We have been to Spain before, and had some lovely family holidays together, again flight times are not too bad, and depending on the part of Spain we know it will cater for the wheelchair when out and about with C.


This again is a possibility, but it depends on where we stay as we know it can be quite hilly and with having a wheelchair it might not be the best place, or we will all need another holiday to get over it.  But Greece, is always somewhere I have loved going.


We have always loved the Canary Islands, and athough 4 hours, we do have to consider is this too long a flight for C to cope with, we have been to Tenerife a few times, and Lanzarote but would love to try the other Islands as well.

There are always City Breaks as well, which we had planned on doing with her after our trip to Paris, which we all loved and will be quieter for her to cope with.

Having someone with a chronic illness does not have to stop you having a holiday, you just have to think carefully on where to go and  as shown above once you have taken things into consideration there are still holidays out there where you can all get away.


Dreaming Of Summer 2019


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