Dougies Diary Books Review

As you will know by now I am a firm believer of Children finding a love of books.  Even as a baby they can look at the colours and pictures as you tell them a story.

When mine were little part of their bedtime routine was stories before bed. As they got older we would sometimes make our own stories from the pictures or talk about what was happening.  When I was contacted to ask if I would like to review a range of books for Dougies Diary I could not refuse.  As I am now passing on the joy of reading to my three grandchildren.

About Dougies Diary

The brainchild of Mandy Khaira who is the owner of Little Me Day Nurseries. There are five books n the Dougies Diary series, which are aimed at children aged from three – five years old.

The books introduce Dougie who is a Dinosaur and his family and friends, covering a range of topics such as kindness, first experiences and equality and diversity. The books are written is a way to encourage children to engage in conversations about their own experiences and emotions.

Hello I’m Dougie

A lovely book introducing you to Dougie, in this book we meet Dougies family and find out what he likes to do. Such as  playing games with his sister, playing football and scoring goals, and playing musical instruments.  The book also has questions on each page like finding the shark and looking for a letter. At the back of the book there is a section where you can answer questions about the book and write what you have done that day.

Daisy Comes Home

This book is very topical for us as it talks about Dougies new baby sister being born.  My Granddaughter is not accepting that her Mummy is having another baby. The book starts with Dougies Mum telling him she is going to go to hospital to have a baby.  The story follows the fun he has that day and meeting his new baby Sister.  There is also something hidden on each page for you to find and a questions you can answer at the back.

Dougie Starts Pre-School

This is a lovely story about Dougies first day at pre-school from where he wakes up excited, to feeling nervous when it was time for his Mum to go.  The story follows what he got up to and his special sticker he got at the end of the day.  With things to talk about and find on each page, there is also questions at the end of the book and you can write about how your first day at pre-school was as well.

We Are All Special

This story is probably my favourite story as it talks about kindness.  There will be a time when your child will suddenly realise not everyone is the same.  The story looks at those who wear glasses, use a wheelchair or have different skin colours.  Answering questions and showing everyone is special and to be kind to everyone.

Thank You Day

Something all children should do, even mine who were always taught manners can forget and need prompting.  This story looks at saying thank you to those who have helped them that day.  It is just two words, but often these two words can make someones day go from miserable to happy by feeling appreciated.

Mandy, nursery founder and mother of two, comments:

Literacy in early years is about engaging children through pictures in books and developing their language skills by encouraging them to re-tell storiesin their own words. These books will help children relate to the characters in the books and their emotions and experiences to support their own emotions and well-being by thinking and talking about these topics.’

Available to buy on Amazon.

My Opinion

I have read hundreds of childrens books over the years, but have to say this series really is good.  I loved looking through the stories.  They really do get the topic across in a way children will understand, but in a fun way.  There are so many talking points as well.  So children will automatically talk about the topic and ask questions.  These are definitely a series of books all children should have.

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  1. My grandson would love these books. I want him to learn to love reading and books like these are perfect. I love the illustrations and the storyline that every young child can relate to.

  2. These sound like fantastic books and love that each has a little story within it. I agree that we should give our kids opportunities to read and see books for an early age, mine two are 10 and 6 now and both love to read and look at books!

    1. I love that the stories talk about important things in a childs life, in a fun way and also a way that they will talk about them x

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