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Don’t Get Stressed Trying To Look Your Best

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No matter who you are, you want to look your best wherever you go and whatever you do. And why wouldn’t you? Looking your best gives you the chance to feel good about yourself and gives you the chance to impress friends, family, clients, coworkers, potential employers, possible partners, and even strangers. 

But, doesn’t this sound like heaps of pressure, too? It sure does. This is the trap that too many folks fall into, though. Instead of trusting their instincts, they overthink things. They worry and worry about whether this dress works or that hairstyle is really them. You have enough stress in your life already, though, so looking your best should be easy, and here’s how you can make that possible. 

Get Enough Sleep 

Sleep and stress feel eternally linked, but it also creates a vicious cycle that can feel impossible to escape from. You don’t get enough sleep, and then you stress yourself out because you know you need to sleep to look halfway human tomorrow. 

If you don’t take control of this, you risk spiralling out of control in more ways than one. You’ll feel exhausted, you’ll have bags under your eyes, your skin won’t be glowing the way you want, and you won’t feel all there. If you want to cut down on stress and look your best, make sure you get enough sleep before anything else.

Prepare Everything the Night Before 

If you feel you spend every morning rushing around, consider how you could make your day a little easier by preparing everything the night before. This can be everything from your lunch to your outfit, as well as any projects or meeting notes you need first think. 

Nobody wants to start their day rushing around, and it can easily get you off on the wrong foot before you even get out of bed. They always say that failing to prepare is preparing to fail, so organize everything you need before you get cosy and comfortable in bed, and you will start your day right without any stress and plenty of confidence. 

Know What Looks Good On You

So, when you’re preparing what to wear tomorrow, where do you start? The first thing to think about is realizing what looks good on you. Hopefully, you have a wardrobe with enough variety that you have a decent number of choices. 

It’s safe to say that everyone looks good in Denim Jeans, so don’t forget about how they can work for just about any scenario. Besides this, you’ll also have signature pieces that you love to show off, even if you feel like you wear them a little too often. There’s nothing wrong with this, though. 

Dress for the Occasion 

However, even if you know which clothes look good on you doesn’t always mean they are suitable for the occasion. A cosy jumper and wool-brimmed boots are fantastic for keeping warm during the winter, but they aren’t the most professional of clothes, are they? 

Don’t panic too much, though, and don’t get too stressed about it, either. By now, you should know which clothes are appropriate for which occasion. A sleek pair of trousers and a stylish blazer are excellent choices for the office, whereas a loose, wavy skirt and blouse won’t look out of place in a park on a scorching summer’s day with a picnic and surrounded by friends. The secret is to not get them mixed up, otherwise, you might end up regretting your outfit choice, and that’s never a pleasant feeling.

Overdressed Is Always Better Than Underdressed

If you often worry about whether you’re dressing up too much or not enough, remember that being overdressed is always better than being underdressed. You don’t want to be the only person at the dinner party wearing something too casual. So, if in doubt, flaunt your fanciest clothes. 

What’s the worst that could happen? Someone thinks you’re showing off, but so what? At least you look like you’ve made an effort, and at least you won’t make the same mistake again in the future. 

Have Enough Base Items

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One problem that a lot of people encounter when they look for something to wear is that they don’t feel like they have enough clothes. This is rarely the case, of course, and it’s almost certain that your wardrobe is positively overflowing with garments. 

But how many of these garments are base items? Which of them are ones that you can mix and match with others. If you build up enough base items, you’ll find your outfit choices are much broader.

Accessorise Here and There 

It’s not always enough to make the most of base items or dress to impress. You can also use accessories to improve any outfit. You knew this already, but as everyone is different in regards to how they accessorise, it’s always worth thinking about how many or how few accessories you choose. 

Too many accessories could risk you overdoing it, and this makes your look cluttered, without focus, and, frankly, stressful. Often, less is more, so pick out a few signature pieces and keep them in rotation to save you from the stress of making too many decisions. 

Ditch the High Street 

If one of your major concerns is about looking like everybody else, then perhaps it’s time to ditch the high street and look for wholly unique items. Vintage and charity shops are fantastic sources for this, and it also helps alleviate any sustainability concerns you might have about popular high street brands. 

You won’t hit the jackpot every time you peruse the charity shop rack, but it’s worth it for when you uncover a gem now and again. With this, you get something unique and very you, which is exactly what you should be looking for. 

Consider the Worst 

Positive thinking is a fantastic way to eliminate stress and help you enjoy your commute, enjoy your day, and feel good about the world. But, the world is rarely so kind. You should always remember to consider the worst when you’re planning your outfit and hoping to look your best. 

Even if there isn’t a cloud in the sky, be ready for rain and bring an umbrella and even a waterproof one if you have one that will fit in your bag. If the weather is always impossible to predict, you can look for versatile clothes that won’t leave you too cold or too hot should the temperature change instantly. 

Remember That No One Will Remember (Probably)

It’s entirely understandable that you dread what other people think about you if you make a fashion faux pas, and this can cause immense stress that makes you second guess every outfit choice and even avoid dressing the way you want. 

However, while you might get a few looks at first, it’s unlikely that anyone will remember at the end of the day. So, rather than stress and fret over a yellow blouse or white jeans and how they will work with your leopard print hairband, just go ahead and do it. Once you stop caring, others will stop caring, too, and this is the easiest way for you to boost your confidence and forget about any stress. 

All Eyes on You 

Even if you’re not someone who craves the attention and hates people looking at them (both good or bad reasons) you always want to step out the door feeling your absolute best. It’s difficult to shift away from old habits. But by remembering that overthinking anything gets you nowhere, you can feel better about yourself, reduce your stress, and impress wherever you go.

Don't Get Stressed Trying To Look Your Best

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