Divorce In Numbers

We have all probably experienced divorce at some stage in our lives, whether it be ourselves, family or friends.

Divorces fall into two categories for me. The first the amicable divorce where you both just agree you no longer want to be married. And agree to split everthing evenly and move on.

Or there is the battlefield, this is the one I know well.  I have been through a divorce (I will be polite and say him, and not my usual term of phrase).  Although it was all his doing. I went through a marriage full of emotional abuse and him finally admitting he slept with another man in our bed.

Our divorce should have been simple split the sale of our property equally and move on as we (luckily) had no children.  Oh no, he fought every step of the way. I wont go into all the details, but it got horrible. At one point in court I blew my top in the waiting room with my Barrister. Saying I wanted to change my divorce petition and do him for marrying me under false pretences. Maybe the story behind this will make a great future post, it is certainly a story you would not have heard before.

No matter how amicable or how volatile the separation is, you need to think  carefully about legal help, especially if children are involved and make sure you get a good family solicitor, like The Law House, who are a divorce and family solicitors based in London and South of England

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Comments (6)

  • Harriet from Toby & Roo 3 years ago Reply

    Argh how depressing! I hate the topic of divorce, the truth is marriage is thought of as a “well if it doesn’t work out, it’s not forever” gig nowadays. I’ve experienced this from several angles and you’re so right, best to be prepared!

    admin 3 years ago Reply

    Divorce is depressing, and you are right that it seems to be a oh well we will get a divorce then, but sometimes, like my first marriage it had to end

  • Ah divorce isn’t nice and it’s definitely worth getting professional advice x

    admin 3 years ago Reply

    It is, that is the one thing I would always recommend x

  • Rachel 3 years ago Reply

    I am one of those rarities who has never been personally affected by divorce. My mum and dad have been married for over 35 year, ive been married for 12 and my grandparents remained married until one of them passed away x

    admin 3 years ago Reply

    That is lovely to hear, my grandparents were married until my Grandma died, my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this year, unfortunately my first marriage ended after 8 years and been married 14 years next month x

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