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Dismantling an Old Conservatory? Here’s How to Get it Removed

Having a conservatory in your home can be a magical thing. As, in summer you get to spend long sunny days enjoying the nature in your garden. Then in winter you can still enjoy the outdoors while cosy inside your conservatory.


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The problem is, if you have an older conservatory, these home add-ons have the problem of being too warm in summer and too cold in winter – making them terrible places to stay. Worse, old frames can be prone to leaks, making them damp and smelly.

Which is why, many of us are now looking to get rid of our old conservatory frames and replace them with either a better conservatory or a more stable extension for your home.

The question is, what can you do with your old conservatory?

1: Try to Sell It

for sale

If your conservatory is in an okay condition, you might be able to sell certain parts of it, such as bricks, glass or framing. Here, just put an advert on a site like Gumtree and see if anyone might be interested.

Just keep in mind that this could be quite a niche request, so it might take awhile before you have someone that is looking to buy any of the components.

2: Give it Away


While you might not have many people rushing to buy your conservatory. You might be able to give it away easier. Here you might consider advertising your conservatory while it is still erect, so that the person who wants it can come and dismantle it themselves – that way it saves you the hassle.

Or, if you do have it dismantled, you might be able to give away certain parts of it. As, people might be looking for bricks or glass for a project. Just make sure that they come and collect from you, that way you won’t need to deal with delivering large items.

3: Have Your Conservatory Recycled


Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

If you’re not looking for the hassle of trying to sell or give your conservatory away. It’s important that you don’t just have it binned. As here it could end up on a landfill, which would be awful considering how many parts of a conservatory could be recycled.

For one, if you are going to get a new conservatory or opt for an extension, you might be able to re-use parts of your old one in the new. Here, just talk to your architect or designer and ask them if anything can be recycled. As this could save you money as well as helping keep your carbon footprint down.

If nothing can be used, you should look to get the old conservatory recycled. This can be done in a number of ways, including hiring a van and take the different components to your local recycling centre. Or, for a more convenient method, contact the house clearance us here at Kwiksweep.

Here not only will we do the heavy lifting for you. We’ll also make sure that everything that can be recycled or reused will be. Leaving you safe in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit for the environment.


Dismantling an Old Conservatory? Here’s How to Get it Removed

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