Day 4 Of My Simply Cook Review

Day 4 Of My Simply Cook Review

So, day 4 and the final meal from my simply cook box of meal ideas.

Last night was the Jambalaya.  As with the previous meals you got your 3 pots of spices/mixes and you add your own ingredients.  Chicken and/or Prawns, Chorizo, Onion, Pepper, Celery and Rice.


I made mine with Chicken and Chorizo.

Once the preparation was complete, it was very easy to follow the step by step instructions, firstly coating the chicken and then cooking, place to one side, while you cook the chorizo, then onion, pepper and celery, add the rice and water and cook until rice is cooked, they say about 12 minutes, but I found my rice decided it wanted to take longer.

We both enjoyed this meal, just the right amount of spice and taste, was slightly salty but put that down to the chorizo.


Check back tomorrow for the ultimate review on the simply cook range and money off code


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