Day 2 Spray Review

Day 2 Spray Review

Whether you are at home or away from home, we all have clothes that are a little too creased to wear or just need a freshen up.  You may have worn the clothes the day before and they are clean but not fresh. You then have the dilemma of can you get away with another wear or put it out for the wash. I have the solution with my Day 2 Spray Review

Well all that is about to change, with Day 2 the world’s first dry wash spray for clothes.

Day 2 Spray Review

Day 2 is the world’s first dry wash spray for clothes. Yes you read that right.  Think how dry shampoo works for your hair, you now have a product for your clothes.

The spray comes in three varieties







Day 2 is a fine mist spray that instantly revives worn clothes, and somehow irons your clothes, leaving them fresher and feeling just washed.  Leaving a delicate fresh fragrance.

The Chair

We all have that chair in our bedroom, where we have a pile of clothes that we feel are not quite dirty enough for washing and can be worn again.  If like me I usually pile my clothes here and then end up putting them in the wash anyway.

This is now a thing of the past with Day 2 spray, I have tried it on all fabrics and it really does work.

How does Day 2 work?

Day 2 is so easy to use

  • lay the item of clothing flat on the bed
  • Use the appropriate Day 2 spray and spray evenly
  • Smooth out with your hands
  • Hang for 10-15 minutes
  • Ready to wear

My opinion on Day 2

I have been using the spray for a few weeks now, and have put it to the test on everything, even one of my husbands suits.  I was sceptical at first as thought it would just mask odours, or my clothes would smell nice but still would need an iron.  But honestly it really does work.  I have no idea how but clothes feel, look and smell like they have just be washed and ironed. Using the spray has also shown a decrease in my washing, which in turns helps save on your water and electricity bills.

The spray bottles are available in 200ml and the original also comes in a travel sized bottle of 75ml, which is ideal if you are going away for a weekend.

Available to buy from Day 2 directly or Wilkinson’s, Waitrose, Ocado and Amazon for £7.50 for 200ml of £4.00 for 75ml


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  1. This is such a brilliant idea – perfect for Uni students too! I am definitely going to get some. Kaz

    1. I know it is perfect for uni students, I have no idea how it works but everything I have tried it on has come out looking freshly washed and ironed x

    1. It is a great product. I hate ironing so anything I can do to not iron I am all in favour for. I have tried it on all sorts of clothes and it has worked great x

  2. Oh wow I never heard of anything like this before!! I love the sound of these and making laundry easier

    Laura x

    1. It really has been a life saver when suddenly realising something needs freshening up, and will be making sure I keep this in stock x

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