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Common Laser Hair Removal Side Effects And Ways To Treat Them

Body hair is an unwanted part of the human body that traps sweat and plays host to bacteria that emanates foul smell.

Hence, it is no wonder that people want to get rid of body hair as soon as they can using a plethora of modern-day treatments. One such body hair removal treatment is the all-too-familiar and popular laser hair removal procedure.

Hold on! Doesn’t this treatment come with some minor side effects?

Well, it does but one doesn’t need to endure the side effects given they chose a renowned skin treatment clinic.

With that stated, even if one does suffer from side effects after they have had their Laser Body hair removal treatment session, it is pretty easy to manage them given one follows the tips mentioned below:-

Irritation or redness in the treated area


It is natural for the treated areas on your skin to become red or even feel irritated to the touch or even to your clothes. This is a temporary side effect and the best part; it lasts for only a few hours or two days maximum.

Managing this side effect is easy. You can use –

  • Fragrance-free aloe vera
  • Non-comedogenic aftersun products
  • Ice packs
  • Cold washcloths as a compress in a bid to reduce burning or itching sensations as well as swelling in the treated areas on your skin.

Please note –

You should steer clear from exfoliating the treated areas on your skin as this could worsen the situation.

Discolouration of the treated area

The treated areas on your skin can also suffer mild discoloration. This is also a minor side effect and lasts not more than a few hours to a couple of days, at maximum.

But, in case you are feeling as if your skin is on fire, you should call the clinic from which you received your treatment, right away. If that is out of the question then you should seek the assistance of a dermatologist.

On that note, it is natural for your skin to feel a bit uncomfortable after receiving Laser body hair removal treatment. It can resemble the itchiness one typically feels after shaving their legs or underarms. Hence, if your symptoms are mild, there is no reason to feel alarmed.

Sudden onset of acne in the treated area

After you have had your Laser body hair removal sessions, the treated areas might become a hotspot for acne.

To manage this side effect, you would need to ensure that the treated areas are kept clean. On top of this, you would also need to ensure that you are not applying make-up on the treated areas. Also, you cannot use deodorant or any other cosmetic products directly on the treated areas. The purpose is to give your skin some time to heal and restore its moisture content.

Also, avoid forcefully removing the acne as this could worsen the situation.

You can steer clear from the above mentioned or any other side effects of Laser body hair removal treatment with a simple yet effective step – choosing a skin treatment clinic that has years of experience, an international footprint and a spotless track record. A renowned skin treatment clinic has skilled professionals and the experience that allows them to provide skin treatments to their clients minus the side effects. Kindly keep these words in mind for the best results.

Common Laser Hair Removal Side Effects And Ways To Treat Them

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