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Choosing The Right Stair Design

When you move into your home, there is always something that you want to change at some point. Our house is an old Victorian two up and two down, which has been extended at the back.  We are now in a position to start to do more extensive work on our home.

One of the things is our staircase, as it is an old Victorian house, the stairs are very steep and narrow, with the steps being high.  I have always hated the stairs but have got used to them over the years.  In our talks and planning one of the main things we have talked about is the stairs, and I have been looking at various solutions with companies like Fontanot stair designers who have a wide range of stairs for any home.

Spiral Staircase

spiral staircase

Photo by Simon Marsault 🇫🇷 on Unsplash

I have always had a love of spiral staircases, to me there is always something a bit glamorous about them.  As we are looking to extend our house we can look at having this addition to our home.  We are not sure yet if we can take away our current stairs, or this will be in addition.

Loft Ladders

Another thing we are looking at, and is a definite is loft stairs.  Currently our loft hatch is above the stairs.  To get to our loft we have to get a long ladder and put it on the stairs and climb up.  Having a proper set of ladders that we can pull down will be so much easier.  It will also mean that I may venture up into the loft one day. This is something that will be a definite addition to our home.

Outdoor stairs

One thing I always worry about is safety for our family.  I am a born worrier and think about things like ways to escape in an emergency.  Which is why I have also been looking at outdoor stair kits, as these could potentially save our lives.

At the moment we just have that one steep and narrow staircase.  We have no other means of escape apart from jumping out of a window.  So having something like this could mean life or death.  I also have elderly parents and a child with a chronic illness that I have to consider and think of their safety as well.

I know if renting these are things you can not replace, but these are things to consider.  Such as are the stairs safe? What escape routes do you have in an emergency?

If you are looking at renovating your home Kate at Kate On Thin Ice has a lovely interview from Anne who runs online interior design courses.


Choosing The Right Stair Design






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