Cherries, Lemons and Oranges You Can´t Eat!

You won’t need us to tell you that as a busy and often stressed out parent you do have to give up lots

of your favourite pastimes, for if you have finally got the kids off to bed you are still on call 24 hours

a day and be on hand for anything the little ones could get up to when they should be sleeping.

You may have enjoyed a busy social life before your children came along, and that social life could

have involved playing sports, playing bingo or just meeting up with your friends for coffee or

something a little stronger.

However, thanks to the wonder that is the internet a lot of the things you used to get up to when

you were young, single and carefree can still be achieved by simply logging onto one of many

different websites and staying socially connected to your friends or other family members.

As you will have found out if you have been looking through our additional articles throughout our

website, social media does play a huge part of many stressed parents lives these days, as does the

myriad of additional websites that offer you help and advice on living your day to day life.

What many busy parents do miss is the social interaction and thrill of having the occasional gamble,

whether that be playing bingo in a local bingo club or hall, spinning the reels of a slot machine and

seeing cyber cherries, lemons and oranges spinning around the reels in a gaming venue that has

them on offer or even have the odd wager on a sporting event.

However, what you may be blissfully unaware of is there are numerous gambling and gaming related

websites where you are going to be able to bet on absolutely anything, and there can be many

advantages of doing so.

With that in mind if you are missing out on your favourite gambling activities read on for we will

enlighten you on how you can get the thrill and excitement of doing so but all from the comfort of

your own home, whether that is by playing games such as bingo or spinning the slot machine reels

and hoping a matching set of fruit related reel symbols line up on a pay-line!

Social Interaction When Gambling Online

You can often feel like you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing when gambling in any shape

or form online, however it is something that millions of people do every single day of the week and it

can certainly help liven up a dull evening if the kids are all bathed and tucked up in bed, and there

isn’t anything worth watching on TV!

In fact, if you have got the television on it probably won’t be very long before you see an

advertisement for some kind of gambling site, and one thing you may miss out on if you have

enjoyed gambling with friends or family members in the past is the social interaction of doing so.

However, you are going to find that many of the leading gaming sites you will find listed on have built-in chat rooms and multi-player games where you are going to be able to fully

interact with other players and by doing so you will not find gambling online solitary or a lonely thing

to do!

An additional benefit of playing slot machines, bingo or any type of game of chance you can think of

for real money but from the comfort of your own home is that you are going to be offered lots of

different bonus offers and will have access to lots of promotional deals too that will enable you to

play all manner of different games without it costing you a fortune to do so!

Fortune Favours the Brave!

We would always recommend that if you do ever get the urge to gamble online you should set aside

a strict gambling budget to do so and always stick to that budget, but make sure it is money you can

afford to lose, for not every time you gamble are you going to come away a winner!

Also keep in mind that you will always have access to free play games of chance whether they are

casino games, slot machines, poker or bingo games, so you will not necessarily need to have any

cash when opting to play any of those games for free with demo mode credits, and it may be a way

of passing some time when you are bored or just fancy a change of scenery.

One slot player won a massive jackpot without risking anything, and that is something you could

actually do by shopping around and taking full advantage of some of the huge array of different

promotional offers waiting for you when you sign up to certain slot and casino sites!

You will also find that even if you have a very modest gambling budget you are going to find plenty

of different games that will allow you to play for low stake amounts, but even when doing so you

could win big, with a little help from Lady Luck of course!

I do recall an old saying that a local amusement arcade owner used to say all of the time, in fact he

had a big sign in his arcade saying the same thing and that was he would rather have one penny off

100 people that 100 pennies off one person, so keep that saying in mind and if you do gamble online

always gamble responsibly.

Often it is the case that the smallest stakes can win some of the biggest jackpots whilst you will have

to beat the odds and be very lucky to win a huge amount of cash when gambling online, by staying in

control and gambling for modest stakes that could be something you do!

If you do win when gambling online make sure you remember where the withdrawal button is and

cash-out those winnings sooner rather than later!

*This is a hosted sponsored post.

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Comments (11)

  • Danasia 2 years ago Reply

    I never thought of gambling online before, but this raises a lot of good points. Now that I live in Georgia and there aren’t casinos, this is the perfect solution!

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    Online gambling is good if you know your limits x

  • Jade Bremner 2 years ago Reply

    I joined an online bingo site and with my free play won £90 I was well happy with that. I do play responsibly I limit myself to £10 a month x

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    I have joined a few bingo sites and like you just spend £10, never won that much though, well done x

  • Healthy & Psyched 2 years ago Reply

    I don’t think I’d do online gambling because like you say, it’s harder to be aware of the money you’re spending because you don’t physically see it. It does sounds like there are lots of interesting options out there though.

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    I have played bingo but it is easy to fall into the spending and not realising how much you are spending x

  • MELANIE EDJOURIAN 2 years ago Reply

    I have never gambled online i think it’s easier to spend more than you would want to as it can be quite addictive.

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    I have played online bingo, but usually £10 and so much free and then will not add anymore. It depends on what type of person you are really and you have to one of those who knows what limit they have or it can get dangerous x

  • I dont do online gambling. Im one of these people who doesn’t bother at all… Well apart from a few 2ps thrown in to the machine thats it. I know too many people who have been down that route and got burnt through it

  • Danial 9 months ago Reply

    Gambling has a bad rep but as long as you set a limit and play responsibly and not in front of the kids it can be fun and relaxing.

    admin 9 months ago Reply

    I agree, you just have to know your limit and no go above that x

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