Blogtober 2020 – Smile

Blogtober 2020 - Smile

Today is day 21 of the Blogtober 2020 challenge.  Where I write a post on a topic given every day for the month of October. Today the prompt is Smile, so obviously am going to talk about what makes me smile. Family I am very lucky to have an amazing family.  My husband is my […]

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Blogtober 2020 – Some Might Say

Blogtober 2020 - Some Might Say

Today is day 18 of Blogtober, over half way through and still going strong.  Todays prompt is Some Might Say. Did you ever mutter the words when growing up, ‘When I have my own kids they can do this, or I would never say that’.  Now as a parent how many times have you said […]

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Blogtober 2020 – Saturday Night

Blogtober 2020 - Saturday Night

Today is Day 17 of the Blogtober 2020 Challenge, the theme today is Saturday night.  Saturday nights have certainly changed for everyone this year. Gone are the Saturday nights where we would meet up with friends or family.  Where we could catch up over a meal or a few drinks.  Since March when we went […]

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Blogtober 2020 – Wannabe

Blogtober 2020 - Wannabe

Today is day 14 of Blogtober 2020 and the theme today is Wannabe.  After thinking long and hard I am going to go through the list of jobs I used to think sounded great and wanted to do when growing up. Air Stewardess I always thought that being an air stewardess, sounded like such a […]

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