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My Story of becoming a StressedMum

My Story of becoming a StressedMum

My Story of becoming a StressedMum

Here I share my story of how I became a StressedMum.

I never worried about having children when I was younger.  You could say I was more of a if it happens it happens, and if it did not then it was not meant to be.

I actually became a Stepmum first, to two little boys.  There was nothing like being thrown in at the deep end.  I was very lucky and we bonded well.  They accepted me as their Stepmum, knowing I loved them just as if they were my own.

Then everything changed, events happened and I wanted more than anything in the world to become a Mum. I saw my husbands look in his eye when he was with the boys, or spoke about them.  That was something I wanted, that special bond.

We went through a very emotional, heartbreaking period.  While I struggled to carry a baby.  Then one day it happened.

In this section My Story of becoming a StressedMum, I share the joys, the heartbreak, the emotions which I am happy to share and talk about.  To let others know they are not alone.