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Business & Motherhood: Juggle Like A Boss

Would you walk across hot coals while juggling and wearing a blindfold? Probably not. However, you may have chosen to be a parent, and they’re basically the same thing! Parenthood is busy, and when you have a career on top of it, it’s a lot of time and energy sucked from you to juggle both. Your job is important to you and parenthood requires your undivided attention: it’s stressful to juggle both of these important pieces of your life. 

You need to choose from two options: let go of your career until later in life, or find a way to make it work. For the most part, people find a way to make it work! They have to if they want to have everything in life. With that in mind, we’ve got some tips to help you to juggle it all.

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Get Some Support

Whether you use family members to give you a hand with childcare, or you seek to work remotely, you need support. Working remotely, you’ll save money on someone looking after the children and you can still make your business look good with Physical Address. You need to know that you have a network of both professional and personal advocates to ensure that your business is elevated. Not only this, but you want your children to be well-supported, too.

Use Pregnancy To Get Stuff Done

If you’re expecting your first baby, you will likely be working right up to the time of your maternity leave. You need to make sure that you are finishing tasks and completing projects while you are pregnant. You should also hand over as much as possible to business partners and those working for you, so that you have no outstanding deadlines. If you work for yourself, put boundaries on your personal life so that you can get some space between work and leisure time now. 

Don’t Work On Maternity Leave

You are a new mother – the last thing that you need while you are trying to get to know your new baby is work. It’s in this time you need to mentally and physically heal, and you need to allow yourself to do that! You can only juggle work so far, and sometimes parenthood will come first. Plus, the time that you take to rest will only be a positive thing for your business. No one needs to run a business while fraught with exhaustion and unable to concentrate.

Two Lives: One Person

You are a business and must focus on that, but you are also a parent, and never the twain shall meet! You need to be a multitasking mother, but that doesn’t mean diving into your job while the baby naps. It means knowing where the boundaries are and sticking to them properly. If you don’t stick to the boundaries you put down, you’ll forever be mixing motherhood and work. Of course, they may clash sometimes, but you must do what you can to ensure that they don’t.

Business & Motherhood: Juggle Like A Boss

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