Bringing Colour To Your Garden With Dutch Grown Tulips

One thing I love about my garden is the colours, I love the start of Spring when the colours start to appear and leave the dark grey days of winter behind us.

Dutch grown tulips are one of the most popular tulips in the world. They are valued for their delicate colors and low maintenance. These traits make them great for any gardener, but especially those with little to no gardening experience.

tulips and windmill

One of my favourite flowers are tulips.  I remember years ago I used to walk past a flower stall and every year for a certain time, he would have a huge display of Dutch Tulips.  The colours were amazing and on payday I would treat myself to a selection of bunches to brighten up my home.

I am lucky to have a large garden and love to look out and see the different colour tulips growing and adding colour.

When looking for bulbs, I usually always look at reviews online, and recently looked for dutch tulip bulbs, as really want to add more to my garden, as we have been working hard on it and have created more space to add colour.

selective focus photography of red tulip

On researching tulip bulbs for sale, I found a lovely company with a lovely history which traces back over 150 years, you can read the full story on their site.

I am not the best gardener in the world, and am lucky enough to have a gardener who helps us maintain our garden.  Along the way I have learnt a few tips on how to maintain and manage our garden.

When planting tulips you need to –

  • Find a spot in your garden that gets at least six hours of sun a day
  • Before you plant your Dutch grown tulip bulbs, make sure that the ground is well drained and free of weeds
  • Dig out a hole about six inches deep and nestle the Dutch grown tulip bulb inside it. Fill up the hole with soil and water it well

red and pink flowers

Another lovely benefit to growing your own flowers is that you can enjoy them and add colour and freshness to your home as well.

Bringing Colour To Your Garden With Dutch Grown Tulips


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  • Kira
    27th August 2021 at 1:03 am

    We have roses and trim them every year for a beautiful place in the kitchen . Absolutely love them

    • admin
      27th August 2021 at 10:51 am

      I do love roses as well especially white roses as I had those as my wedding flowers


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