Blogtober 2020 – The One I Love

Blogtober 2020 - The One I Love

It is day 2 of the Blogtober 2020 challenge, yesterday I introduced myself to you all.  Today the prompt is The One I Love.

A Long Time Ago

We have been together for 21 years, we often laugh and say it really does not feel like it.  At the time I was coming out of a very unhappy marriage and he had just gone through a divorce.  Neither of us wanted another relationship, but somehow we fell in love.  He had two children both boys, while I had none.  Very quickly I became a stepmum to two boys so fell into parenthood running.

I was lucky they were young and accepted me in their lives, they are both grown boys now in their 20’s and it is still me they come to if there is a problem or they need to talk.  So I can not have done that bad a job.

3 Years Later

We have just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary, when I look back it was the happiest day of our lives.  We have been through a lot in that time, he was my rock when I suffered my miscarriages, he held me when I cried my hear out.  He has given me so many laughs.  Even now he can make me laugh even when I am in a mood. 17 years ago we welcomed our daughter into the world.  My life finally became complete.

We are growing older

Three years ago we had the announcement that we were going to become grandparents.  I was so excited about it, where as my husband was not so keen.  Ask him now and he will be grumpy about it, but that face says it all.  He loves being grandad and loves winding the kids up.  We now have three grandchildren and I love to hear them say nanny, and I love spoiling them rotten, as that is a grandparents job.

I hope you enjoyed finding out a little more about my life. Please come back tomorrow where the prompt is Sweet Child O Mine.




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  1. what a lovely story. It was the other way around for me, with my husband becoming step dad to my eldest two. It was hard as they were already hurtling into their teens when he came into their lives.

    1. Thank you, we have been lucky and I think it helped in a strange way that I did not have children and could build my relationship with them, before we had our daughter, who they both adore.

  2. Step parents are often the best ones. My Dad took on my Mum’s 4 kids when they got together. They all went to him with their problems first too. Sounds like your boys got an epic step parent too 😀 #Blogtober

    1. Thank you, before we got serious my husband told me I have two children they always come first. That made me love him more, and I wanted the boys to have someone who loved and cared for them even if I was just a wicked stepmum. I do feel so lucky that the boys come to me and can talk to me about anything

  3. Such a lovely story and you both look very proud grandparents! I imagine you are such a cool stepmum, there’s nothing not to like x

    1. Aww thank you, I love being a Nanny and I must have done something right as they always come to me when they need something or need to talk

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