Blogtober 2020 – Manic Monday

Blogtober 2020 - Manic Monday

Day 5 of Blogtober 2020 already, what better topic for today is Manic Monday. Oh and yes I do now have The Bangles song Manic Monday going around in my head.

Mondays of the past

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Monday mornings used to be a nightmare in our household.  My husband would start work early and was lucky not to have to deal with Monday mornings.

Every weekend and school holiday C would be awake super early, bring on Monday morning and she would try to stay in bed.

Breakfast was eaten at a snails pace, while I would put on a load of washing, make up her packed lunch at times with her telling me she did not like what she has got all of a sudden.  Trying to find something else while trying to drink my coffee while still remotely warm.

Then it would be brushing teeth and getting dressed.  Somehow on a Monday morning this seemed like an impossible task.  I once timed her and it took 10 minutes to get one sock on.

Once dressed it would be the hair, you would think she was being murdered the noise she would make, but we got there in the end.  Before shoes on and out to the car, for the school run. It felt like I had done a days work before 9am.

Mondays Now

Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production on Unsplash

Since C became ill, our Mondays are much more relaxed.  Due to her medication we have now got to waking up at 9.30 when I go in and check she is ok and sort her breakfast and morning medication.

I then get to sit and wake up with my morning coffee while checking emails and messages.

Our Mondays are like every morning now and much more relaxed and chilled.  Although I would swap in a heartbeat if she could recover.

How are your Manic Mondays?


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  1. Our Mondays are generally ok, now my husband and I are both working at home it’s not so much of a rush to get us all out of the door! I do find the children are a bit slower to get moving though, compared to how they are at the weekends! x

    1. A lot of people are finding working from home a lot less stressful in the mornings. It is strange how they are slower on a Monday morning x

  2. Sometimes you need to look for the positives in things. I had a few months where I couldn’t get out of bed until my husband helped me and he had to sort out the kids and get them to school first. I hated it being stuck upstairs and not joining in the mania. I enjoy them being older so I don’t have to do so much but I can be around for them now. x

  3. hahaha! I am glad it’s not just my two that go at a snails pace on a Monday morning. My youngest was screaming like a banshee this morning when I brushed her hair. Eesh!
    Your mornings sound much more relaxed now x

    1. I really don’t muss those days, she used to scream as if being murdered even when i Held the brush away from her head and asked if that was still hurting x

    1. It is much better for me now, getting the right routine takes a lot of skill that actually means that the kids listen and do what needs to be done preferably without telling them 50 times x

  4. My Monday’s seem to be easier now I have nailed a good Sunday evening routine plus my almost 13 year old has to sort himself out as he leaves after me which means that I am not really needed!!

    I use the morning to blog which does mean I’m often running late because I get too involved x

    1. It is nice when they start to become more independant, I have been caught up with getting too involved in blogging x

  5. My mondays start with an 8am work call, and then I normally get coffee and start work. It’s way earlier than I would like!! Yours sound great now.

  6. You are doing a fabulous job!
    My Monday’s are totally chaotic since lockdown really. I used to be so organised. Sending love xx

  7. New Mondays definitely sound more relaxed than pre diagnosis Mondays.
    My Mondays are always chaos! #blogtober

  8. Our Mondays are a manic rush every time, even though I try and prepare the night before. The lockdown laze is a distant memory now and never has my alarm woken me so early. Your’s sounds much more relaxed these days, hope you and your daughter are ok xx Sim

  9. I only have a doggy kid, so my Mondays aren’t that crazy. However, it sounds like yours have gotten more relaxed.I’m sending well wishes for your daughter.

  10. Truthfully, since covid my Mondays aren’t all that different from most other days. You did make my smile, my younger brother used to love to sing the song Manic Monday.

  11. Working from home my Mondays aren’t majorly different to most week days, in fact they are usually less rushed as PRS don’t email much on Mondays!

  12. I am so with you there as Mondays are also chaotic in my household as well with kids not being able to find their planners/reading books and me rushing breakfast, packed lunches and their uniforms

  13. Mine are busy as we have to remember everything the kids need to take it not only daily but also weekly every Monday at the moment due to coronavirus. Inevitably something almost gets forgotten.

  14. My manic Mondays are no more manic than any other weekday morning, and to be honest with working from home I find it less manic as I can work out from home and do things at a bit more of a leisurely pace x

  15. I feel like all weekdays are such a rush, I wish we had a little more time in a morning, but, especially now that the dark months are upon us, it’s difficult to get up early in a morning.

  16. I have a daughter that takes about 10 mins per sock. It drives me crazy so I started to get her up earlier as I found that helped. I have 3 of them to prepare for school so I need to be super organised.

  17. Aw I am pleased that your Mondays are more relaxed although I am sorry as to the reason. My Mondays are always manic!

  18. Not matter how hard I try to prepare and be organised for a Monday morning they are always crazy and yes very manic.

  19. My Monday’s are weird as they’re not much different to other days since nothing has changed. Although we do still try and keep the weekends work-free so we can still keep track of the days and weeks.

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