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Benefits of Your Child Learning to Play an Instrument

Music plays a massive part in your child development. If you focus on more academic studies for your child’s education, you can supplement their learning by adding music and musical instruments.

Learning how to play a musical instrument isn’t just for children who want to follow a creative career in the arts. It is fundamental to their all-around learning and development in many different ways. 

Improved Social Skills

cognitive skills

Music is often taught in groups rather than alone. This means that your child will learn how to socialise with their peers and work as a group to reach a single goal. 

“Children who take part in music develop higher levels of social cohesion and understanding of themselves and others,” Dr. Alexandra Lamont, Lecturer in the Psychology of Music at the University of Keele.

Boosted Self Confidence

As your child’s skill in learning to play an instrument grows, so will their self-confidence. The sense of pride in learning something and becoming proficient at it can be a massive confidence boost for anyone, especially children. When they apply this to other areas of their lives, they will have the skills and confidence to persevere throughout life.

Music Is Fun


When children are having fun when they are learning, they don’t even realise they are learning. There are many different ways you can teach children, and being able to do so on a level they enjoy is valuable.

They can take the feedback and encouragement and associate this with having fun when learning something new.

Improved Concentration


When you learn something new, especially a new instrument, it requires total concentration during the lesson. Being able to hone your attention even for short periods is a skill that many kids can benefit from in their lives. The more they learn the importance of concentration and how beneficial this is to their development in learning to play a new instrument, they can use this as they continue to learn new skills in other areas.

Creates Responsibility


There is a massive responsibility with owning a musical instrument or even taking care of it temporarily. Making sure it is adequately cleaned, stored correctly to avoid damages, along with getting to lessons on time, can help your child understand the weight of responsibility. 

Reduce Stress and Encourage Self Expression

play music

Getting into the zone when it comes to learning to play an instrument can allow your child to forget about everything else going on around them. When they play, the only thing they are focussing on is the music and playing the instrument. Everything else can disappear, thus reducing stress levels. Also, the added benefit of expressing themselves through music can give them a practical and healthy outlet for any stress or frustrations.

Learning a musical instrument is about much more than mastering the notes and the instrument providing enjoyable music. It can help your child learn in so many different ways and develop their skills and understanding in more than just one way.

Benefits of Your Child Learning to Play an Instrument


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