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Balmonds Natural Skincare Review and Giveaway

.As you will know by now I love skin care products.  Cream or a serum I am always eager to try a new product. Read on to find out more about my Balmonds Natural Skincare Review and Giveaway.

I was recently contacted by Balmonds skin care range, asking if I would like to review their skin care products.

About Balmonds

Set up by a mother looking to find a cream that would suite her daughters itchy dry skin.

Natalie Balmond began experimenting in her kitchen with traditional recipes for moisturisers.  Conventional and alternative creams aggravated her daughters chronic eczema.

Her daughter had been using a pharmaceutical emollients and steroid creams prescribed by her GP and dermatologists.  Unfortunately, these stung and irritated her skin.  Trying alternative creams but these irritated her skin also.

Natalie started experimenting by cooking traditional ointments and salves. Using combinations of herbs and oils like hemp, calendula, nettle and olive which have been used in skin care for centuries.  This is where she produced a salve.  The salve was soft and gentle and worked really well, by  moisturising and hydrating her daughters sensitive skin.  Now known as Skin Salvation.

The Products

Skin Salvation – Rich, oil-based and made with beeswax to lock in the moisture that dry skin desperately needs.   The ointment can be used by all ages (from six weeks old). On all skin types all over the body. Made with natural ingredients it reduces the risk of skin irritations and itchiness.  Suitable for those who suffer with eczema, dermatitis, psoirasis and other dry skin complaints – prices start from £7.99


Daily Moisturising Cream – A lighter moisturising cream than the one above, still made with the same ingredients but instead of the beeswax, this has been replaced with a lighter shea butter.  Suitable for any ages and can be used on its own or alongside the ointment.  Again this is suitable for those who suffer with eczema, dermatitis, psoirasis and other dry skin complaints – from £13.99


Bath and Body Oil – A natural emollient oil made from a unique blent of super nutritious botanical, suitable for anywhere on the body and for all skin types and ages from 6 weeks old.  This products is very versatile product, which is a blend of naturally nourishing oils – £12.99

You can use for

  • A shaving oil
  • massage oil
  • after a shower to lock in moisture
  • a facial cleansing oil


Intensive Hand Cream – This is a deeply-nourishing gentle cream formulated to keep hard working hands healthy and hydrated.  The shea butter based cream works as a protective barrier and as a super nutritious boost for the skin – from £10.99

Baby Range

There is also a baby range of all natural products featuring Baby Balm – £8.99 which is great for many uses including cradle cap and nappy rash.  Also Chamomile Baby Oil – £11.99, a beautifully calming natural alternative to other baby bath products you can buy.

My Thoughts

I have used these products myself, plus sharing with my Mum and Daughter.  My hands were a little dry and the intense hand cream really made a huge difference.  My Mum also loved this and the balm which as she has recently returned from holiday she is using to nourish her skin.

I used the bath and body oil on my daughter, I poured some into her bath and the massaged some into her legs for her as she has pain in them, which she said felt nice and helped a bit.  Which for her means it is a good product.

If you suffer with dry skin or irritated skin I would recommend all these products which can be found on their site, plus if you used code MUM20 you can receive 20% off your entire order.

Balmonds Natural Skincare Review and Giveaway

The Giveaway

Balmonds are very kindly offering one of my readers the chance to win all the products show above worth £80.00.  The prize consists of

  • Skin Salvation Ointment – 60ml
  • Scalp Oil – 50ml
  • Bath & Body Oil 200ml
  • Daily Moisturising Cream 100ml
  • Intense Hand Cream 50ml
  • Intensive Facial Oil 30ml
See below on how to enter
If you have not done so already why not pop over to my giveaways page and enter my other giveaways I currently have running.





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  1. I’d particularly love to try the Daily Moisturising Cream – my skin is incredibly dry at the moment.

  2. The Bath & Body Oil would be my favourite because I get really dry skin and love getting out of the shower and putting on a lovely, nourishing body oil!

  3. I already use the Skin Salvation ointment and it is truly amazing. I would also like to try the Bath and Body Oil

  4. Skin Salvation Ointment I think, I get some really dry and sore bits of skin, I think it’s eczema as I suffered with it as a kid as well.

  5. Would be very keen to try the intensive hand cream, having thyroid problems anything that would work on my dry skin would be amazing.

  6. The Skin Salvation Ointment – the skin on my legs is quite dry and this ounds like it can really help

  7. I use moisturiser daily, it’s part of my skin care regime and I only use natural and organic products, I would particularly love to try the Daily Moisturising Cream. Keeping my fingers crossed x

  8. The intensive hand cream would be amazing – my hands go all wrinkly and dry and I use a lot of hand cream!

  9. Intensive hand cream as my hands are always so dry and itchy from where I keep using hand sanitiser! x

  10. Intensive Facial oil – I have dry, mature skin and facial oils really help to soothe and protect my face

  11. I would love to try all of these products as my skin is so sensitive. The hand cream would be particularly useful as my skin gets so dry it cracks open and bleeds.

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