April Round Up


Wow that is another month that has flown by, I swear I blinked and missed April. So as it is now May it is time for my April Round Up.

Starting with C

As always I will start with C, she has had a rough month again. Still been pretty much bed bound and still suffering with her migraine headaches.  She also has her TMJ playing her up again, which means her jaw is locking and very painful. I hate seeing her like this, but sadly it is part of her illness. She has also suffered with her breathing this month.  We have managed tuition most of the time with a couple of sessions being 2 hours. This is all thanks to her new tutor who also suffers with ME and is teaching her in a different way.  We see her consultant this month and am hoping we can sort out her medication. And see if we can get her on the road to being able to get up and do things.

Birthday celebrations

It was my birthday in April, sadly due to my parents being away (I know how dare they haha). We could not go out and celebrate as C was not well enough. They stand in and look after her if we are not at home.  I did manage a night out after with my husband and friends, and am going away over bank holiday with husband for a delayed celebration, where we can just relax and worry about ourselves and recharge our batteries.

May has started out great for me and we are only on day 2, had a great day of Nanny cuddles yesterday, followed by an afternoon and evening in London with my husband, I will be writing about our trip soon, we must have walked miles the way my legs are still aching today, we even saw Elaine Page at the theatre entrance to Chess.

Next week is ME Awareness week, and I will be sharing daily about this horrible illness,  I am even thinking of having some vest tops printed and wearing every day, as I have found a great online store that can print these for me, so that I can even share while I am out and about.

How was your April, I hope it was a good one for you?

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