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An Insider’s Guide to Taipei’s Must-Try Local cuisines

So you have made your mind and decided to visit Taiwan on your next holiday vacation? Congratulations on making such a bold decision. Taiwan, commonly regarded as the “heart of Asia,” attracts tens of thousands of visitors every other year, and there are some reasons to account for this. If you are a novice planning to visit Taiwan from abroad, you need to work on a list of some of the most important things you will undertake once in the country. As a rule of thumb, there are several activities you can’t afford to miss on your most anticipated trip to Taiwan.

Among the most important things that you should include in your Taipei’s must-do list. Include trying some local Taiwanese cuisines – if you are not aware, Taiwan is known as a hotspot of culinary delights.

As you plan for your vacation in Taiwan, you could be having some concerns regarding the best Taiwanese cuisines to try out once you set your foot in the fascinating city. We understand how it’s feeling like, and that’s why we are compiling this post to give you a breakthrough. You will realize that there are many unique cuisines to taste in Taiwan. To the extent that even some local Taiwanese may don’t know about the hidden cuisines in Taipei.

Keep reading this post to the end to get some inspirations regarding the best cuisines to enjoy when you go to Taipei. For other considerations such as the dressing for the trip, no worries, just shop in Sandro and you can get different styles of outfits there.

Tops Cuisines to Try In Taipei That Even Some Local May Not Know

Braised Pork Rice A mouthwatering Taiwan’s cuisine that you should never fail to taste once in Taipei. Is Braised Pork Rice. It’s available in the various cafes, sidewalk hotels, and restaurants in Taiwan. Finding a place to enjoy it should not be an overwhelming task.

Make sure you locate a cool place to enjoy greasy and fatty braised pork rice served together with sticky, dark-flavorful braising sauce. You will find some locals crowding in the food cafes enjoying the same meal. If you can’t read Chinese, have no worries since most cafes, hotels, and restaurants here feature English menus.

Soup Dumplings / Xiao Long Bao

When you go to Taipei, make sure you look for a good café that offers Soup Dumplings. If you haven’t enjoyed this before, you have no idea what you are missing. It’s a favorite cuisine among some Taiwanese in Taipei and is merely delicious succulent minced pork served with lusciously rich broth. It comes wrapped manually with chewy dumpling wrappers that will appeal to your eyes. You should not have any issues finding a good café, hotel, or restaurant offering Soup Dumplings – you will find them in almost all the corners you go.

Beef Noodles

Whereas I’m not so confident whether you have tried Beef Noodles in your place of origin before. I can bet that you will find Taipei’s handmade Beef Noodles somewhat impressive. If you miss a chance to try other meals discussed in this post. Make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to try Beef Noodles. The meal isn’t any way close to what you may have tried elsewhere before. You will love it the most if you try it with your family, friends or relatives.

Dou Jiang

If you haven’t been to Taipei before, you can admit that you never tasted such heavenly food as Dou Jiang. But wait, what the hell is Dou Jiang? You may ask. Dou Jiang, otherwise referred to like soy milk, is a healthy mouth watering meal that you can enjoy elsewhere in the world. With the exception that the Chinese make it taste differently. Unlike the one you may have tried, Chinese Dou Jiang has some added flavors to suit different individuals’ needs. You can ask for a hot, cold, salty, sweet Dou Jiang with some added vinegar, dried fish, or crushed-up “Youtio.”


If you go to Taipei now, you will have a golden chance to taste Taiwanese seafood specialties, such as a clam or Ginger soup, Oyster Omelets, etc. Likewise, you have an excellent opportunity to taste a popular Milkfish dish referred to as Milkfish Congee. It’s a delicious breakfast that’s healthy, light, and remarkably tasty. You will blame yourself if you miss Taipei’s seafood specialties.

Almond Tea

If the milkfish discussed above isn’t your thing, there is Almond tea to enjoy in Taipei’s various cafes for your breakfast. Taipei’s almond Tea features a sweet, fruity taste, and if you like, a raw egg(s) is cracked into it. Unlike some other cuisines, we’ve so far discussed here the Taipei’s Almond tea is not simple to hunt down in the street cafes. Only a few restaurants will offer this to you – make sure you hunt it down whatsoever and enjoy the unique flavors.

Dan Bing

Dan Bing, also referred to as Egg crepe in the Taiwanese language, is considered to be among the best breakfasts you should try whenever you go to Taipei. The meal consists of a light, thin-flour-dough pancake and some cracked eggs placed at the top. Dan Bing can be served alongside other things such as Kimchi, hotdogs, tuna, bacon, etc. Make sure you shower your meal with the delicious sauce that accompanies it.

Bubble Milk Tea

bubble tea

If you go to Taipei right now, it won’t take you much time to realize how famous Bubble milk tea is. But what is Bubble Tea, and why should you bother trying it? Well, this is simply fresh milk with added black Tea, thick sugar syrup and Tapioca bubbles. If you never tried the Bubble Milk Tea, an otherwise incredible dessert, your chance is now – simply plan a trip to Taipei and make sure you look for a hotel, restaurant or café offering the same.

Chicken Rice

This is an affordable and yet delicious meal that you must try in Taipei – that’s if you have to consider your trip worthwhile. Chicken rice is readily available in almost all the hotels you visit in Taipei. If you like, you can request for Turkey Rice instead of chicken. Whether you prefer turkey or chicken, you will be served with some hot rice featuring soft meat – with some light soy sauce. You will even like the most if it’s filled with minced garlic!


As we said previously in this post, Taipei is a hotspot of culinary. Do your research, and don’t be fascinated to realize that even some Taiwanese may don’t know about hidden cuisines in Taipei. So whether you are Chinese visiting Taipei or a resident of other countries, feature the above cuisines in your list and make sure you don’t miss any. Do as such, and I bet you will leave Taipei wanting to go back.

An Insider's Guide to Taipei's Must-Try Local cuisines

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