An Important Question?

While I am not sleeping too well at the moment. Apart from what is keeping me awake at night. I also have the odd random thought pop into my head.  This has brought to an important question.

So today, I have a very important question for you all, I know that this will divide the you all.

Are you a coffee or a tea drinker?

From what I can see there are 3 groups the coffee drinker, the tea drinker and those that don’t like either.

The coffee drinker


Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

The coffee drinker, loves their coffee, some are happy with instant coffee, some prefer fresh filter coffee, and then there is the coffee machines like tassimo, dulce gusto and nespresso, or the machines that are like mini versions of Costa and Starbucks.

Then there is the different varieties of coffee you have black, white, latte and cappuccino to name a few and the different flavours you can add to them.

The tea drinker


Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

The tea drinker, they love their tea, whether it is with tea bags or leaf tea.  You also have to decide, do you make your tea in a tea pot or if using tea bags just straight in the cup.  Whether you like strong tea or weak tea.

Do you put the milk in first or last.

You also have the fruit teas and flavoured teas, that come in such a variety of flavours.

Or are you someone, like a few I know who do not like tea or coffee.


Photo by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron on Unsplash

I am very much a coffee drinker, I love my coffee. Everyone who is close to me knows. I am not best approached until I have had my first coffee of the morning.  I have a  tassimo machine which I love.  I used to have one that made fresh coffee and you had a milk frother attached. Sadly I lent it to someone who ruined it.

I do drink tea, it is my go to drink when I am ill, a cup of tea seems to be what I want or need.  I should drink it more often as I have it without sugar.

So come on are you a coffee drinker or a tea drinker?

An Important Question?



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Comments (18)

  • Ashley 3 months ago Reply

    Coffee drinker all the way. Usually iced coffee but i drink both. I do love some tea for sore throats tho.

    admin 3 months ago Reply

    I have tried iced coffee but just do not like it, I only drink tea when I am ill

  • Kristine Nicole Alessandra 3 months ago Reply

    I am a coffee drinker since birth! Haha. Seriously, nothing gives me more energy in the morning than that cup of coffee. I drink one cup of tea everyday too, but it is ginger and turmeric tea for its health benefits.

    admin 3 months ago Reply

    I am the same but do drink tea if I am ill as prefer it to coffee

  • Shar 3 months ago Reply

    I’m a tea drinker and enjoy black tea that’s well-infused. Then I add skimmed milk powder and no sugar. I can’t tolerate caffeine in the evening, as it brings insomnia. Herbal tea is an alternative after dinner time.

    admin 3 months ago Reply

    I can drink coffee anytime of the day even before bed, as it has no effect on keeping me awake

  • Wren LaPorte 3 months ago Reply

    I enjoy tea sometimes, but it is not my jam. I am a coffee girl! Don’t even look at me before my coffee in the morning! lol

    admin 3 months ago Reply

    I am the same, everyone knows I need my coffee before I am human lol x

    Blogdaddyblog 3 months ago Reply

    I always drink my tea without milk, sometimes with some sugar.
    Our boys drink their tea with milk and a little bit of honey. They like it a lot.

    admin 3 months ago

    I would be better drinking tea as I don’t have sugar wheere as in coffee I have sugar x

  • Kemi 3 months ago Reply

    Definitely a tea drinker and I love all kinds with honey, lemon and cinnamon. The only coffee I can handle are lattes.

    admin 3 months ago Reply

    I have tried various teas but only like normal tea x

  • Lyosha 3 months ago Reply

    I can’t say I am a coffee or tea person. it depends on the mood and the weather. I prefer tea when it’s hot or very cold, coffee when it’s raining

    admin 3 months ago Reply

    I wish I could drink more tea, but it just doesn’t give me the same satisfaction that coffee does

  • Maysz 3 months ago Reply

    Coffee lover here! I drink some tea but I really love coffee 🙂

    admin 3 months ago Reply

    Coffee all the way for me as well, unless I am ill then I do drink tea

  • joy 3 months ago Reply

    i drink tea. i love to put my milk in afterwards.

    admin 3 months ago Reply

    I usually put milk in after the tea when I have it

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