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A Trip Out To Five Guys

As my Daughter where she would like to go for something to eat, you can always guarantee Five Guys will be mentioned.

five guys

When I was younger and went into town with my friends, we did not have the fast food chains we have now.  One place we loved to go to was a little cafe in town.  We would order milkshakes and burgers, nothing fancy but they were amazing just a plain cheeseburger I can still remember it now.

Fast Food Restaurants

Now we have so many different fast food chains, all serving their purpose but all just plastic food as my husband calls it.  My kids used to beg to go to them, and as a treat we would take them

One day, I was out with my Daughter and we were hungry and she had her very first Five Guys experience. As I explained the menu of what she could have and how she could add items to it, she made her choice.  As I had been to one before we agreed to share the fries.  I think the hardest thing was to choose which flavour milkshake she wanted.

We waited for our order and then sat down to enjoy our meal.  Sometimes I wish I had never introduced her to Five Guys.  She went on about them for ages and always asked for one if we were out.

Five Guys Experience

5 guys

If you have not tried a Five Guys before, you really do need too.  They taste amazing and are freshly cooked for you while you wait.  They may be a little more expensive than other fast food chains, but in my opinion much better value on both ingredients and taste.

Since that day she will always ask to go to Five Guys.

About Five Guys

Started in 1986 in Arlington, Virginia after Jerry and Janie Murrell sat their young sons down and told them they either start a business or go to college.

They decided to go down the starting a business route and went on to open their first burger restaurant, simply named Five Guys after the five brothers.

They wanted to offer good food as uncomplicated as it comes.  Providing burgers and fries that are cooked to perfection.  With the philosophy to perfect and serve, they used this as the principle and keep a promise to their customers. To deliver the food and experience that their customers love.

With this philosophy in mind, they still meet every week as a family to each contribute their opinions and thoughts to keep the company at the top of its game.

Even keeping up with technology, you can now order online at Five Guys Daphne and many of their other restaurants.

It is my Daughters birthday in just over a week. We have not discussed what she would like for her birthday meal, but I just know she is going to say Five Guys.

Have you tried a Five Guys meal? If so what did you think of the experience and the food?

A Trip Out To Five Guys


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