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A review of top online valuation tools

Top Online Valuation Tools

Property prices usually spark discussions and dissonance among industry experts and the general public too. Understanding your property value is important and necessary if you want to sell it, borrow against your property value or just curious about how much it is worth. A property appraisal is ideal for lenders if you choose to do a mortgage refinance. If you choose to sell your property, an estate agent will compare properties and the ultimate value based on what people are willing to pay. However, several online property valuation tools let you know and track the value of your property. They give you a rough estimate of your property value but the actual value may differ materially. Some of these valuation tools include:

Property Price Advice

It was launched in 2005 and it is an independent firm dedicated to being a reliable source for free and unbiased property prices and advice in the United Kingdom. It is more advanced than most property valuation tools in the industry and a bit less easy to use but it offers a more accurate value for your property. There are also questions asked which are designed to provide the most accurate price of the property.

Every valuation is spontaneous and individually generated based on the property features provided. It gives instant results of the market value of your property in the current economic status. Property Price Advice provides relevant information and the prices of the latest properties sold in your postal code. They also offer advice on ways to add your property value

Land Registry

They have a property valuation tool, price calculator and heat maps. The property price data for all residential properties registered in England and Wales and listed for sale are available for search. Their data dates back to January 1995 and is used by other companies like Rightmove and Zoopla. It includes property price history, property addresses, type of property and dates of transfer. Their price calculator indicates the general price movements and accounts for the change in prices only based on the Land Registry House Price Index. House renovations and any improvements are not taken into account. Their data is updated monthly and is available for view and download to anyone for free.


It is simple to use and gives you a rough estimate of how much your property may be worth. It has multiple listings which you can peruse and compare to yours. They have a tool that gives you a value that is probably the most accurate estimate available. The first and mandatory step is signing up, which allows you to use their “secret formula” that examines a multitude of information on property characteristics and sales in the United Kingdom. It gives you a guide price of your property value.

Zoopla uses their listing history tool with prices dating back to 1995, letting you check how much a property has been sold for in the past. They also have a heat map that is colour coded to emphasise street property prices.


Rightmove has the largest website in the United Kingdom for property search. There are over 800,000 properties for sale in Rightmove, making it the right place to compare properties in the market with yours and make an informed decision on what the value of your property may be. They have sold house prices and get the latest information from the Land Registry and Registers of Scotland. In some cases, they also provide previous listings with images, floor plans and many more.

Rightmove has a price comparison report tool, which brings together past and current property values, providing similar properties in your area to help you compare prices. It also has a market trends tool that lets you enter only a postal code and then gives you a perception of the market activity and the market history of that area.


They offer a basic property valuation tool that is free and quite easy to use. All you need is a postal code, which means it is not as accurate as other valuation tools. Their price estimates are broad but it still provides a valid opinion and its simplicity makes it preferable to some users. It also has a heat map tool that shows approximate prices and growth rates.

A review of top online valuation tools

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  • Susan B
    31st March 2021 at 3:55 pm

    A useful post. Thank you. It is always worth doing your homework in the housing market. These sites make it easy

  • Michael Fisher
    9th April 2021 at 6:55 am

    Nice to have a list of these sites which, as you point a out, are great for roads where houses are all the same or similar.

    • admin
      9th April 2021 at 9:16 am

      It is handy to know that there are sites that can help with this


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