A Calmer Listening Experience

A Calmer Listening Experience

I never really thought about noise levels and distortions in your ear before C became unwell.  Since being diagnosed with ME one of the symptoms suffered with ME is noise sensitivity which sadly she has suffered with since day 1.  We have tried everything you can think of to try to combat this and make things a little easier for her.

Recently, I was contacted and asked if I would like to review Calmer, by Flare Audio Limited, which is a natural device. The promise being that it is a breakthrough wearable device that significantly reduces stress-inducing distortion in the human ear.


About Flare Audio Ltd Calmer

Flare Audio have developed a device that is wearable and reduces distortion in the human ear. With the unique design Calmer provides a natural way to reduce the constant barrage of environmental noise stresses.  Which has been shown to have a negative impact on our mental and physical well being.

How Does Calmer Work

Made from silicone, the device sits in the ear barely visible, Calmers technology has been formed by research at Newcastle University and Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at UCL.

The Concha (which is the small shell shape of the ear that connects to our ear canal), normally resonates mid frequency sounds.  Calmer which has no electrical components, decreases resonance by using a tiny waveguide inside our ears, that removes the effect of the Concha. Calmer dampens down the most common alert-triggering shrill noises, such as

  • Ring tones
  • Dogs barking
  • Tube train announcements
  • Sirens

My Opinion

As I mentioned earlier C suffers with noise sensitivity, I gave her a pair to try while at home in her normal environment.  She said it was comfortable but did not make much of a difference. Please remember I am dealing with a 16 year old here.  Yesterday, we both put the Calmer device to the test as we had a day out with my 2 year old granddaughter and both my Mum and my Mother in Law.  So you can imagine the noise, and felt it a perfect way to put the Calmer device to the test.

After a few minutes of wearing them, you forget they are there, so much so you do not really think they are doing anything.  Towards the end of our visit we both took the devices out and could tell a difference.  It really is amazing how much they do help with noise distortion.

C said she would definitely use them when out or there is noise, she had the same feelings as me that she forgot about them, but noticed a difference once she had taken them out.  I would recommend trying them if you suffer.

You can buy Calmer here for £19.99 a pair.
A Calmer Listening Experience




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  1. These sound brilliant! It was something my Mum struggled with a lot, she did have hearing aids though and would often switch them off! With hilarious consequences I have to say.

    These would be really beneficial to a lot of people who struggle with noise and sensory issues x

    1. My Mum only needs her hearing aids for certain things apparently and my Dad is forever forgetting to put his in. They are great I tried them and really noticed a differene once I took them out

  2. This sounds really interesting, I find noises out of my control really get to me and some days just the TV can seem to drive me crazy. I wonder if something like this would work well for me.

    1. It is worth a try, it is very subtle and you honestly think they are not doing anything until you take them out and realise they had

  3. These sound great! I love that it is subtle and you don’t really notice a difference until you take them out. Sometimes I could do with something like this.

    1. This is what I liked C kept saying they are not doing anything as a typical 16 year old wouldlol, but it was noticeable when we took them out

  4. This sounds like an amazing product to help those who are struggling with noise cope and it is also resonably priced

    1. I would recommend anyone who suffers with noise to try them, I noticed a difference and they were not uncomfortable to wear

  5. I hadnt heard of these before but these seem like an excellent idea, they look quite good and not overly visible and uncomfortable.

    1. They are great I was intrigued to see how they worked and the weird thing is they are so unintrusive you don’t think they do anything until you take them out and hear the difference

  6. I would get these for my husband. He hates it when the phone rings. He says it is so irritating (even if I have it set to the lowest ring volume level.) It annoys me because he keeps complaining about it. Maybe Calmer would be the answer to his noise sensitivity issues.

    1. I would recommend them, but when he starts moaning they are not doing anything, tell him to wear them for a while and then take them out he will notice a difference x

  7. Oh these sound really interesting, I have sensory issues with noise due to my autism and I will have to check these out as it would really help me be able to deal with noise for longer.

    1. They are great you dont notice them doing anything until you take them out and realise how much they do work

  8. These sound really interesting – my daughter is incredibly senesitive to loud noises and hates being around them so this could be great for her.

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