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9 Budget Ways to Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive

We all love spending quality time in cosy hotel rooms that exhale luxury and style.

And one of the reasons might be that these spaces are a little bit richer looking than our bedrooms at home. 

We might not have the budget for crazily costly bedroom furniture, but it`s possible to give your bedroom a touch of style that looks expensive even with a reduced budget. 

Here are ten helpful pointers to make your bedroom as luxurious as it can be. 

1. Create Impact with a Statement Headboard

It`s incredible how even the most ordinary bedroom takes an expensive instant air with the addition of a headboard. 

So if you can splash out on just one thing in the bedroom, make it a padded headboard.

Not only it`ll feel fantastic when you watch Netflix & chill from the comfort of your bed, but it will also add a hotel-style luxurious vibe. 

For a safe bet, a crushed velvet bed or an upholstered bed will always do the trick.

Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects your style and is impactful enough to capture all the attention as soon as you step into the bedroom.

2. Add Interest with a Rug 

A rug is always a perfect addition to make your bedroom look more inviting.

A rug will help zone and define your space, and you can also use it to add a designer touch to your room.

The best bedroom rug materials are wool, silk and chenille.

Wool rugs are a popular pick for the bedroom because of their inviting feel, and the natural fibre offers a lot of pluses, including increased durability. 

Silk rugs have a long history, and they are noted for the material`s opulence.

Chenille rugs are characterised by long pile with an inviting, plush feel.

3. Display Wall Art 

Adding art to your walls is one of the most transformative design tricks to add style to your space.

Art can work as a framework for your room and add colour, dimension and texture. 

A statement piece of art will instantly give a bedroom a designer feel and enhance the contemporary vibe. 

For a modern look, choose a large abstract piece and make sure you position it correctly.

4. Floor to Ceiling Curtains for a Luxurious Feel

By having your floor to ceiling curtains utilising the full height of the room, you are instantly making the room feel larger. 

The higher your room will appear, the more informal and elegant it will feel.

To fix your curtain rod closer to the ceiling rather than the top of your window. When the curtain rod is mounted just below the ceiling line, and the drapes hang to the floor, your bedroom will suddenly look taller and more elegant with a minimum of effort.

One rule of thumb is to sit at least 4-6 inches above the window frame.

5. Tuck in a Blanket at the Foot of Your Bed

A thick, luxurious throw blanket at the foot of your bed is enough to make your bedroom a little bit richer looking. 

For the best look, opt for natural materials like fuzzy wool, velour or silk. Fabrics such as velvet or even faux fur are also great if you inject some lux. 

Try to keep a minimalistic pattern and a monochromatic colour palette for your blanket. 

6. Overfill Your Throw Pillows 

You might have noticed that plump, over-filled pillows are the gold standard for the 5-star treatment. 

So try to overstuff your decorative cushions, so they appear high-end. You can easily do this by buying inserts slightly larger than your pillow covers. 

When looking for pillows, look for some that are as thick and lofty as you can find. 

The number of pillows is equally essential for at least two pillows per person and two to three accent pillows.

7. A Luxurious Lighting Fixture for a Plus of Style

A statement lighting fixture is yet another way to turn an ordinary bedroom into a posh sanctuary.

Ditch your old ceiling fixture and replace it with a stylish hanging pendant instead. 

For example, a brass chandelier or a statement lighting with an unusual shape is an instant shortcut for expensive air.

Don`t forget about your bedside lamps to create relaxing pools of light. You can opt again for pendants on both sides of the bed or keep it classy with wall sconces.

8. Switch Out your Hardware

There is no need to replace all your bedroom furniture if you want to create a fresh new vibe.

Updating your hardware is an easy way to refresh the furniture you already have and give it a fresh breath of life.

Replace the drawer pulls and the knobs with elegant contemporary designs. Look for expensive looking metals such as brass or copper, or go for crystal or gemstone for the best effect. 

These will transform your existing furniture into visually exciting pieces and add elegant accents throughout the space. 

9. Restricted Colour Palette for an Elegant Appeal 

To prevent your bedroom from looking messy, try to stick to two to three shades when it comes to your colour scheme.

You can add a mix of materials to provide rich interest, but your colour palette should be kept at a minimum.

For your bed linen, go for versatile neutrals in quality fabrics, as this will create a cocooning vibe that will allow you to feel well-rested.

You don`t need to spend a fortune to make your bedroom a little bit richer looking. With these easy tips, you can quickly transform your space and take your bedroom to the next level. 

9 Budget Ways to Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive

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  • Frances Heaton
    4th June 2021 at 5:50 am

    I love the idea of adding a rug, would feel great stepping out of bed onto a soft, fluffy rug, a great start to the morning.

    I already have some wall art. Years ago I enjoyed doing crossstich, and have several pictures of herbs and wildflowers. They still look fresh and new.

    The idea of adding new lighting is something I would consider. The lighting in our bedroom is quite basic, and something new would make the the room more interesting, possibly a dimmer switch would help to add contrast.

    I think the idea of keeping to a restricted colour scheme is definitely worth considering, like you say, it would make the room look more elegant.

    Some great ideas to consider.

    6th June 2021 at 11:46 am

    Some great tips here

  • Fiona jk42
    9th June 2021 at 8:52 pm

    We always have rugs in our bedroom, and long curtains. However I’ve never seen the point of those small blankets at the foot of the bed, they’re too small to be used as actual blankets. In hotels I always put them away, as I’m pretty sure they aren’t laundered between guests and you never know what someone has used them for.


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