Here’s why your blog isn’t getting any traffic

There’s nothing more frustrating then building an eye catching blog, bursting with graphics and detail as well as interesting and varied content. But when you check your analytics and discover that no one has even come close to finding your blog let alone reading it, it’s completely disheartening. Most wannabe bloggers give up within a few months, when the initial excitement and initial content ideas have worn out and been used up. But even if do decide to keep going, what is it that’s making your blog invisible?

Read on for 5 reasons why your blog isn’t getting any traffic.

Your blog is full of errors

Not everyone considers spelling and grammar to be their forte. However, if you want to run a successful blog then you need to consider upping your accuracy game. Blogs that are dotted with spelling errors and grammatical faux pas don’t give off the best impression, they also make post more of a labour to read. When you’re writing your posts you should focus on the accuracy as much as the content itself. So if you’re quoting from a newspaper or another article you should also be using citations and referencing correctly too. You can generate an APA citation here. Consider investing in a proofreading service if this is something you’re really concerned about.

Make your font friendlier

If a blog is difficult to read, then people won’t hang around for long. And remember to cater for perhaps older people and those who are reading on mobile! A bigger font and one that is easy to read will certainly make a difference to your reader retention.

Make sure your blog is mobile friendly

Not everyone sits at a desktop or laptop to browse the internet…and if your blog is optimised for mobile then you could be missing out on a huge amount of traffic. No one wants to navigate and try to read a blog page that’s only fit for a desktop. Not only is it bad for traffic and creates a bad user experience, but it’s also bad for SEO. When you choose a blog design make sure that it is mobile friendly.

Update your blog photos

You should be focusing a lot of attention on the images in your blog. As humans we like to look at pictures and respond well to faces and positive imagery. Make sure that your photos are of a good quality. Avoid using clip art imagery or stock photographs as this really diminishes the quality of your blog and simply put, it looks lazy. Avoid pictures with white backgrounds and stick to photographs that fit the style of your blog and compliment it too!

Optimise for SEO

You need to make your blog search engine friendly – it’s the only way it will appear in search results and be found! Any photographs should have key words in the file names and an alt tag which contains a brief description of the image. Include links to other blogs and reference others, utilise keywords throughout your posts.

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  • Kim Carberry
    9th November 2019 at 10:49 pm

    Great advice! I clicked off a blog today because the font was hurting my eyes and it was such an effort to read which was such a shame.

    • admin
      10th November 2019 at 7:25 pm

      Sometimes they are hard to read and does put you off reading them


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