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5 Reasons Why Women Need Different Bikes Than Men

As you search through the variety of women’s bikes to find the right one, you might wonder why there are different bikes for men and women. While a woman can ride a bike designed for a man and vice versa, there is no getting around the physical differences between men and women that lead to a need for differing frame styles. However, finding a bike is about finding the right fit for your body.

Finding a Bike To Fit Your Body Type

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While bicycles designed for women take into account average characteristic differences between men and women, there is no saying that every woman or man will fit the universal mold. Therefore, while you might find a 26 women’s cruiser bike you like, you might find that the men’s version is a better fit.

Creating the Most Comfortable Ride


Picking out traditional or hybrid bikes for women is about selecting the most comfortable option. While there are standards, sometimes a woman does not fit into a predetermined mold, and there is nothing wrong with that. The main thing when selecting a bicycle is to find something that fits your needs, regardless of a preassigned gender.

Reasons Women Need Different Bikes Than Men

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While you should not let the designation of men’s or women’s deter you from selecting the bicycle you want, keep in mind the classifications do point to typical design differences. There are at least five key design considerations when it comes to women’s versus men’s bicycles.

  1. Saddles

The hip and bone structure is different between men and women. Bike manufacturers account for these differences with seat saddles. While many companies pre-install unisex seats, most men’s saddles are narrower and longer than women’s. The beauty of a saddle is it is easily changed for something more suitable.

  1. Handlebars

Men typically have broader shoulders, and women usually have narrower shoulders. The handlebars on a women’s bike, therefore, are narrower than a men’s bike. Again, handlebars can be removed and changed to suit the rider. If you need a wider grip or a men’s bike is too broad, you can get extensions or purchase more custom bars.

  1. Reach

On average, women have shorter arms than most men. Because of the discrepancy in arm length, manufacturers shorten the distance between the seat and the handlebars on women’s bikes, allowing for a more comfortable ride. The reach on a bicycle is not something that is easily altered. However, you can purchase different saddles or handlebars to try and accommodate your frame.

  1. Length and Height

Women’s bikes tend to be shorter than men’s because of the differences in arm lengths, but they might also sit taller than men’s bicycles or have an increased distance between the seat and the pedals. Because women typically have longer legs than men, manufacturers often compensate for the difference in the height of the bicycle.

  1. Structure

Another area where men’s and women’s bikes differ is in the design of the mid-tube and horizontal bar. A women’s bike will typically not have a horizontal bar to accommodate dresses and skirts, instead relying on a mid-tube for structural support.

Are you ready to pick out your bicycle? Contact a local bike shop for assistance.

5 Reasons Why Women Need Different Bikes Than Men


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