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5 Jewellery Items that are as Versatile as they are Stunning


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Not everybody loves jewellery, but most people do, and jewellery always makes an exceptional gift for any special occasion such as Christmas or birthdays. While everybody’s taste in jewellery differs from person to person, the fact remains that jewellery can be thought of as an investment either financially or emotionally, no matter the type or style.

Because of this, people wear jewellery whenever they can and show off their best pieces, but not every piece is robust enough to be worn every day. Some articles are inherently strong due to their design and can be worn with anything on almost any special occasion. The current trendy stackable rings are a prime example of extraordinarily versatile yet stunning jewellery pieces that go with anything. 

Diamond Ear Studs

Diamond is widely known to be the hardest natural substance known to man. Because of this, diamonds are excellent in jewellery because of their inherent strength. Although the overall design of the piece itself would contribute to the strength, diamond itself is tough and will never break. Diamond studs, therefore, make an excellent gift that goes with any outfit. You can also purchase diamonds that come from ethical sources such as manufacturing labs.

Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelets are actually diamond bracelets, but they get their name from the tennis player Chris Evert who famously wore one during a tennis match, and it broke! Obviously, the diamonds didn’t break, but the chain itself did. Since then, tennis bracelets ( have become highly fashionable. Because of their small and understated design, they are excellent for any occasion. However, tennis bracelets don’t come cheap and can range from £1,000 to £30,000.

Gold Hoops

Similar to diamond earrings, gold hoops are a popular choice among most people. This is because they are small, solid and always fashionable. Because of their understated design, hoops also look great when accompanied by other jewellery items such as diamonds and gems or woven with other precious metals. They also provide an excellent accent to any new hairstyle that exposes your ears, such as a blowout or a messy bun.

Link Chains

Link chains are robust simply because of their design. Interconnected pieces of metal, usually gold, silver or platinum, provide high tensile strength when appropriately made. Chains like this are typically used as necklaces, bracelets or even in watch strap designs. While they can start cheaply from as little as £50, the amount of material used and the quality, such as with gold, will exponentially increase the value of the items. Link chains are best worn casually as an accompaniment to other jewellery.

Stackable Rings

Stacking rings is a current jewellery trend that is very popular with millennials. Essentially, the technique allows you to work multiple types of rings together that complement each other. Because this trend has grown in popularity over the years, jewellery manufacturers now create rings solely to stack. This allows you to use these stackable rings together in varying combinations that can accompany any outfit or style.

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