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5 Careers You Can Do from Home

Home offices have become part of our everyday lives. What might have been a shock to the system to begin with may have since become your comfort zone, while the thought of returning to a traditional office environment may fill you with a deep sense of dread.

Amongst its many benefits, working from home allows for a much healthier work/life balance, with no more hideous rush hour commutes!

The desire to continue working from home is becoming ever more popular, and many companies are moving to a hybrid or fully WFH model. Yet some workers are still being called back to the office despite the cultural shift to remote routines. 

If you’re reluctant to go back to pre-pandemic working life, here are five careers you can do from home.

1. Online Teacher

online teacher

Do you have a passion for teaching, but dislike the classroom environment? Then take your skills into the online ether!

One particularly sought-after position is teaching English as a second language – a role that can also open up a range of travel opportunities!

Some companies will require you to have teaching qualifications already, but there are plenty of courses and graduate schemes that can put you on the path to your teaching dream. 

2. Blogger 


Blogging no longer needs to be just a part time hobby! 

With so many established bloggers already dominating the Internet, getting started can be intimidating. But with a bit of dedication and hard work, you can transform a hobby into a lucrative career!

You need to find a niche and make sure that your website is to the highest standard – for the latter, web design pros like Maratopia Digital Marketing can offer confident counsel to spice up your site!   

3. Proof Reader

proof reader

If you have an eye for detail, you could provide proof reading services for a number of different industries, from advertising agencies, to publishers, to web developers. 

Free these companies from grammatical errors and awkward syntaxes! The work is very flexible, so provided that you meet your deadlines, this is a career built to fit around your hectic schedule.  

4. Accounting

The pandemic has proved more than ever that bookkeeping, and professions like it, are perfectly suited for home working! 

How often did you really meet face to face with your accountant anyway?

You’ll want to make sure that your Internet speed is up to scratch, there’s nothing worse than the poor zoom quality! But there is a demand for accountants across the world, so you could even set your sights on warmer climates and sunnier shores.

5. Audio Transcriber

audio transcriber

Why not try your hand at converting audio recordings into documents? 

Depending on the industry you may need to have specialist knowledge – otherwise you might get a little lost transcribing medical and legal documents – so shop around for opportunities that suit your skills and experience.

Speed and accuracy are a must, so if you think you might be cut out for this line of work, test how fast you type with this handy service.

Will you be making the switch to working from home permanent? Let us know in the comments below!

5 Careers You Can Do from Home

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