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4 Things You Should Know About Taking a Tour in Ireland

Most travelers would like to have the best experience when they make a trip to Ireland. From magical and breathtaking scenery to famous movie set sites, the country offers the best places to make any tour unforgettable. Since most of the travelers are non-locals, it can be hard to move around due to the fear of the unknown and security. However, to enhance your experience and get the most out of this tour, you should at the very least know the following:

1) Transportation is Readily Available

Being a country with many states, moving around can be hard. However, this is not the case. The well-linked transport system makes it easier to move around than other countries. One can commute through air, water, roads or rail. Do keep in mind that driving can be a challenge especially if you are unsure of how to drive on the right side of the road.  If you cannot overcome this challenge, consider taking a cab. While using the road, ensure you have a valid driving license and observe the road signs. Also, stick to the speed limit to avoid running into trouble with the law and hefty fines. While traveling by air, ensure that you meet all requirements as Ireland has different laws as compared to other countries. However, you can avoid all these transportation uncertainties by letting a tours and travel company handle your itinerary in your future Trips to Ireland.

2) The Weather is Unpredictable

Ireland experiences changes in weather at all times. You can be sure to see drizzle at least once within the span of the tour. For this reason, pack clothes and shoes that can withstand the weather changes without getting damaged. Umbrellas and rain coats also come in handy and can help minimize delays or postponing plans. Trips should be planned after reviewing the predicted weather conditions. While on tour constantly check the weather forecast to avoid getting caught up and stuck in unfamiliar places due to these weather changes.

3) Take a Guided Tour

For one to truly experience and discover the beauty that lies within Ireland and its states, consider using a tour guide. These guides will help you maneuver through the country much faster at a fee. They also help discover the natural landscapes, iconic buildings, and waterfronts that you might not have discovered on your own. They also guide you through activities such as cycling, hiking, and cruising. You can make reservations to get a personal guide or join other travelers looking to make the trip with a guide. Most guided tours are pre-organized. It would help if you asked for the schedule to avoid missing out.

4) There are Sunday Shutdowns

In Ireland, just like most countries Europe, there is barely any activity that takes place on Sundays. Most stores close down or operate for a few hours. The streets in most cities are almost empty most of the time. You can take advantage of this and move around the towns for a better view. Schedule your activities in between the week to avoid cancellations and disappointments. However, your Sundays do not have to be boring while on a tour. Utilize them by interacting with the friendly locals while enjoying a meal of their local cuisine or a drink at a pub.

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  • Clare Brown
    28th January 2019 at 3:40 pm

    We absolutely love travelling as a family, however, despite Ireland practically being on our doorstep we have never been. I think probably due to the unpredictable weather if I am honest. But I know it is beautiful so thank you for this, we should definitely plan a trip soon.

    • admin
      28th January 2019 at 8:03 pm

      Ireland is suvh a beautiful part of the world, my husbands family originated fron Ireland x


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