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3 tips for busy dog owners: how to keep your dog a happy one!

Our wonderful dog friends bring so much love and joy to our lives – all they want us to do is to play with them, love them and feed them. Unfortunately, they don’t realise that we can’t stay at home 24 hours a day. 

All pet owners worry about how to keep their dog happy when they’re at home alone. These top tips will make sure your pet has a balanced lifestyle!

Optimise your dog’s space when they’re home alone


Think about the space your pet inhabits and imagine what they will do in that space. Aside from the essentials, like leaving out fresh water, consider any potential dangers that your dog might face. 

Keep any toxic substances including flowers or chemicals far from the reach of the dog. Ensure good ventilation and no chance of escape onto a busy street.

Once the area has been made safe and secure, you can focus on the fun elements for your furry friend. Place their favourite toys strategically around the spaces that they will be kept in. 

Think about how to make the space as active as possible for them: maybe you can place a treat into a toy that they have to shake or chew to access. 

If your dog is anxious about being alone in a quiet house, you may need to leave a radio on so that they can hear voices or music throughout the day. 

Think about hiring a dog walker to keep your dog happy when you’re away

dog walker

One of the best ways to ensure that your dog’s needs are met when you’re away from home is to hire a dog walker. 

These professionals understand your dog’s needs and can be trusted to take your dog on a walk, meet new friends and go for a safe and enjoyable walk away from their home. This will ensure your pet’s boredom is broken up nicely. 

They are likely to benefit from the increased socialisation with other dogs in a secure environment. 

Having a trained and professional dog-walker come to your home on a regular basis is one of the best ways to keep your dog happy, stimulated and exercised. 

It’s crucial you opt for a dog walking service like Rachel’s Dog Club who are fully qualified and experienced in all aspects of looking after your beloved pooch, not just an amaetur who does not have the necessary qualifications and levels of experience. 

Be sure to do your research around your local area to find reputable sitters, walkers and even overnight options should you require them for your dog. 

Keep your leaving and returning as calm as possible


It’s completely normal to feel guilty and stressed when you’re leaving your pet but remember that despite your feelings, you should act as normal as possible to keep the transition calm. 

Of course, you know that you will be back, but if you act sad and stressed when you’re leaving, they will be more likely to act out. Simply leave without any fuss. 

The same applies when you return: don’t act overly excitable when you come home as this will reinforce that you being away is “bad” and you returning is “good.” 

Teaching your pet to be independent is one of the most valuable lessons and it can be hard in the beginning. Eventually you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a happy and well-balanced dog.

Keeping your dog happy when you’re busy is not impossible!

happy dog

It’s reassuring to know that you’re not the only dog-parent who is worried about keeping their pet happy when they’re alone.

Becoming independent is an important part of your dog’s development. You can make a dog’s time alone very comfortable by ensuring they have all the essentials and plenty of stimulation. 

Nothing can beat human or fellow dog contact, so a professional dog walking service might be the best option for your family. Read more about how other dog owners have found the service to be invaluable.

Above all, a happy dog means a happy home life!

3 tips for busy dog owners: how to keep your dog a happy one!


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