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3 Career Change Stepping Stones For Working Mums

Have you been fighting a long-term nagging feeling that your career isn’t as satisfying as it should be – a discomfort that has now become a gnawing pain in the posterior?

We hear you. With the pandemic turning the world of work (and everything else!) upside down, many people are deciding to do something different to earn a living. 

However, leaving a secure job has risks that you’ll have to mitigate against, so this isn’t a decision to be taken swiftly or lightly. When you’ve got family financial commitments, a gradual glide across to a new vocation is better than a jarring jump to an unfamiliar destination. 

Read these three career change stepping stones for working mums and you’ll ease elegantly into a rewarding new enterprise at a pace that suits you and your family perfectly – good luck! 

Choose your lifestyle first


Even if our careers aren’t our main focus, circumstances often dictate that we build our lives around them – we depend on the income they generate for survival, and we often have little say over when we work. 

So one of the keys to being happier in your vocation might be flipping the script so that you define your ideal lifestyle and then work out which job would best support it. For instance, if you would like a lifestyle where you travel lots, a digital nomad gig like copywriting might be ideal. There are ways to make this lifestyle work for families if you’re all fully committed.

Make your plan a vision

vision board

Your next step is putting a plan down in black and white. Ditch the laptop or phone for this task and physically draft out what you want to do, where you want to go and how you’ll get there – it’ll feel more real in physical form.

One inspirational way to do this is by creating a vision board, which has graphic images as well as words and serves as a tactile motivator you can review daily to maintain discipline and positivity. When your plan is transformed into a vision, it feels more achievable and less like pie in the sky. 

Study online

online studying

Getting a formal qualification is still one of the most reliable ways to switch to an entirely new sector. And institutions like ARU Distance Learning have a wide choice of undergraduate and graduate online degrees in everything from data science to psychology and digital marketing.

When you can study flexibly around work and family commitments, it’s much more practical than attending a bricks and mortar course – plus you’ll also meet classmates from all over the world who could become your future business collaborators! 

These three career change stepping stones are enough to get you started on your path towards a job that feels exciting and worthwhile rather than dull and humdrum – have fun working towards the career you deserve. 

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