What They Do Not Tell You About The Menopause

What They Do Not Tell You About The Menopause

I know I have some male readers as well, this is not a medical post. But you may find, my experiences of what to expect will give you brownie points in the future.

I know I am one of the older Mums, so feel I can educate you on what to expect when you finally hit the menopause.

For a long time now, I have been dreaming of the day my menopause start and the dreaded time of the month finishes, and I have had quite a few chats with friends about it (as women do).

We all know the usual symptoms, but now I am experiencing it, I am going to tell you the truth.

Hot Flushes

  • We have all heard about them but these are like nothing you will have experienced before, you feel the heat rise from your feet all the way up and you do not just sweat you literally pour in sweat.  I have often been found in the middle of the night hanging out my bedroom window just trying to cool off.
  • Light headedness, at times when I am having a bad hot flush, I feel disoriented and just have to lie down and let it pass, it does not take long but it is just due to being so hot.
  • Sickness, yes you read that correctly, I sometimes get so hot I am sick.
  • An embarrassing one now, body odour, I have never experienced this before, but noticed even I could smell myself, washing and using anti persperant did not help, I would literally be able to smell myself 10 minutes later.  It got to the stage where I used to say to my husband I am not going out.  I know this is not a common symptom, but do not worry I have found this amazing product that worked immediately and now I hardly use it at all.


  • I seem to be suffering more with headaches than I ever have before.
  • The headache is either just sitting there not causing too much pain, but letting you know it is there, to being so painful you just have to close your eyes and hope it disappears soon.


I have always been one of those lucky people who could be asleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow, and then sleep all the way through the night.  Not any more

  • Trouble getting to sleep
  • Hot flushes disturb sleep you are either too hot and throw the covers off or as I said above hang out the bedroom window, and then get too cold.
  • I find I now wake a few times a night for no reason at all
  • Wake earlier than I used to


I seem to find myself getting teary at all sorts of things, I see a program and will be streaming in tears, when it is nothing to really cry about.  I see a happy story and I get teary.

It seems that my emotions have been turned up, and there is nothing I can do about it.

These are the main symptoms I am suffering, but everyone seems to suffer differently, I am going ‘cold turkey’ and refusing to see my GP for HRT.

My hot flushes have become a laughing matter at home now, as in our house we get through things by laughing  joking, and we get here she goes again, when I utter one of my very common phrases ‘Is it hot in here or is it me?’

What They Do Not Tell You About The Menopause


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