Sudocrem Get Out And Grow

Sudocrem Get Out And Grow

Sudocrem are working with Clifton and the charity Green Fingers. With the goal of getting children into the garden and into gardening.

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Sudocrem are also involved as they have just launched a lovely new product called My Little Sudocrem which is perfect for those little green fingers.

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It has been proven that a childhood spent outdoors helps children to grow up healthier and happier.  My Dad was a keen gardener and I used to spend hours with him helping him grow his vegetables and some of my own.  Which also passed down to my Daughter. As soon as she could walk she would always be found in the garden with Grandad helping him with his vegetables or with the fruit trees.

New research has shown

  • Whilst 87% of British households have a garden, it is something that families are not enjoying together.
  • Over half of British children aged between 4 and 8 are unable to name 5 vegetables or fruits grown in this country.
  • 95% are unable to name 3 herbs
  • Many of the children unable to identify a basic gardening tool. With 8% able to identify a trowel. 80% never having seen a rake before. 79% believing worms are bad for plants

Further research shows

  • 73% have never seen a sunflower
  • 8% have only picked an apple
  • Less than 10% had dug up a vegetable
  • 6% had ever eaten a fresh pea from the pod


How Sudocrem is involved


Many parents worry about their children getting the odd scratch.  Which is where My Little Sudocrem comes in.  It is a great multi-tasker for gardeners.

Should gardening be taught it schools?

Surprisingly children would love this.  Although under half of the children surveyed had access to a garden at school, over 90% of them said they would like one.

A lovely Giveaway to get our children out in the garden

Sudocrem know the joys gardening can bring and are offering two of my lucky readers the chance to win a goody bag worth £40 each.  The goody bag is suitable for 2-5 year olds and contains

  • Get Out and Grow branded t-shirt for 3-4 year olds
  • My Little Sudocrem
  • Child’s gardening gloves
  • Small watering can
  • Flower seed packet
  • Lavender seed packet
  • A few coloured sticks to use as plant marker


Sudocrem Get Out And Grow





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Comments (58)

  • Catherine S 3 weeks ago Reply

    I used to enjoy helping my parents with the gardening when I was young; I still like it now.

  • Angela treadway 3 weeks ago Reply

    no i diddnt but my youngest son does x

  • iain maciver 3 weeks ago Reply

    yes we used to plant potatoes and lots of different veg still do

  • Allan Mcrae 3 weeks ago Reply

    This would be great to get my son out and off the xbox

  • Solange 3 weeks ago Reply

    Yes, I loved gardening as a child.

  • Fiona jk42 3 weeks ago Reply

    I used to enjoy helping my grandfather in his garden, where he grew lots of vegetables as well as strawberries and raspberries.

  • Martina Pichova 3 weeks ago Reply

    I loved growing flowers but not potato picking (we had a big field of them…)

  • Natalie Burgess 3 weeks ago Reply

    Yes I loved it and have lovely memories xx

  • Susan B 3 weeks ago Reply

    Yes, I loved it so much that I wanted to be a horticulturalist. Dad allocated a small part of the garden just for me. Loved it.

  • Tracy Newton 3 weeks ago Reply

    We never had a garden when I was a kid. I have certainly made up for that now. My little boy loves gardening

  • Mrs Kay Young 3 weeks ago Reply

    My mum has always been a keen gardener so we were often involved planting and watering!

  • Isabell Whitenstall 3 weeks ago Reply

    Yes I loved being in the garden, and I still do

  • Annabel Greaves 3 weeks ago Reply

    I loved gardening and really enjoy it today with my kids

  • Kim M 3 weeks ago Reply

    Don’t think I was allowed to do any gardening but love it now x

    Margaret GALLAGHER 2 days ago Reply

    We didnt have a garden – we loved going to the woods and park

  • I didn’t enjoy gardening necessarily but we had a pond, which I loved. We’d always get a little bit of frogspawn and watch the frogs grow (and inevitably leave!) x

  • Geri Gregg 3 weeks ago Reply

    I used to love gardening, as long as it didn’t make me messy and dirty!

  • Andrea Fletcher 3 weeks ago Reply

    I enjoyed gardening as a child and still love it now.

  • janine atkin 3 weeks ago Reply

    i didnt do much gardening as a child

  • andrea tinkler 3 weeks ago Reply

    My dad is a keen gardener and as a child i had my own area that I looked after. have continued this love of gardening and my children and grand children also have their own piece of garden and they love it

  • Wayne Jones 3 weeks ago Reply

    Awesome prize for my budding baby gardeners 🤞♥️

  • Peter Watson 3 weeks ago Reply

    My dad was a gardener who used to enjoy teaching me how to garden.

  • Kelly Knowles 3 weeks ago Reply

    As children we all had a box to garden, think my nan used to garden it when we went to bed, things always grew!

  • J Matcham 3 weeks ago Reply

    yes My love for anture and gardening began when I was little and living with my grandparents and i would help my grandfather in his garden, where he grew lots of vegetables as well as strawberries and goosebarries and beauiful flowers

  • Victoria Thurgood 3 weeks ago Reply

    I liked helping my big nan in the summerhouse

  • Corinne Henson 3 weeks ago Reply

    I absolutely loved gardening when I was little, I had my own little patch that I had to maintain

  • kris mc 2 weeks ago Reply

    No, but I love it now

  • Amy Bondoc 2 weeks ago Reply

    i used t love “helping” my mum, shame i just kept pulling up plants instead of weeds!

  • Ruth Harwood 2 weeks ago Reply

    I think I did, but I have little memory of doing so!

  • Rich Tyler 2 weeks ago Reply

    I remember my wellies and watering can!

  • Christopher Read 2 weeks ago Reply

    Yes, I used to like searching for and picking up worms 🙂

  • Rachel Butterworth 2 weeks ago Reply

    I used to love harvesting the rhubarb at the bottom of my Grandma’s garden.

  • Sally Collingwood 2 weeks ago Reply

    No as a child I hated it, but my mum never made it fun, it was always hard slog. As I grew older and had my own garden I really grew to love it and now have a collection of beautiful flowers especially roses.

  • Janice Dunn 2 weeks ago Reply

    Yes, I have fond memories growing sunflowers

  • Claire woods 2 weeks ago Reply

    No, I didn’t.

  • Nikki Stewart 2 weeks ago Reply

    I used to love cutting the grass much to my parents’ delight!

  • Nadia Josephine 2 weeks ago Reply

    I loved gardening as a child but I don;t think I was much help to my mum!

  • Becky Yeomans 2 weeks ago Reply

    Yes loved pottering around the garden as a child with my parents!

  • betsy ferguson 1 week ago Reply

    we had an allotment and my dad was a market gardener by trade, so it has always been a part of our lives

  • ImogenC 1 week ago Reply

    loved it! and now my little one does too – love our times together in the garden!

  • Jackie Howell 1 week ago Reply

    yes loved gardening with my dad and still love it now 45+ years later

  • Christine Lockley 7 days ago Reply

    I did, we grew a few veggies every year

  • lorraine kirk 5 days ago Reply

    Yes, my mum shared her love of gardening with me 🙂

  • Michelle Ferguson 5 days ago Reply

    I loved growing vegetables as a child but I wasn’t very good at it and most of them died

  • Ursula Hunt 3 days ago Reply

    I loved planting my pea seed, watching them grow and then picking them to eat as I played outside

  • Jodie W 3 days ago Reply

    I dont ever remember gardening as a child, but i actively encourage my son to join me in the garden these days

  • JULIE WARD 3 days ago Reply

    No, there were to many creepy crawlies

  • Allan Fullarton 2 days ago Reply

    I enjoyed planting carrots.

  • Pam Smith 2 days ago Reply

    i always loved helping my grandmother in the garden

  • Rachel T 2 days ago Reply

    Not so much gardening – more making mud pies

  • Claire Knott 2 days ago Reply

    yes i loved playing and working in the garden as a child and now too

  • Chantelle Kemp 1 day ago Reply

    I used to love gardening with my nan and grandad

  • Anthea Holloway 21 hours ago Reply

    I was a wartime baby in London so we couldn’t get out into the garden for fear of being shot at. I do remember seeing a German plane overhead which then went on to bomb the local school.

  • Susan Willshee 19 hours ago Reply

    I didn’t have a garden as a child, just a back yard. Now we have a garden we make sure the children are involved in planting and watering

  • Tammy Tudor 17 hours ago Reply

    Yes I used to help my Grandad with the weeding and used to love it! Wish I loved that task as much as I did then

  • Rebecca Whatmore 10 hours ago Reply

    Yes – I loved planting veg at school.

  • Faye Reed 6 hours ago Reply

    Yes, I loved it.

  • Carol Boffey 5 hours ago Reply


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