Blogtober 2018 – Day 8 – Hearing Them Read ‘Libaries Week’

Thank you to those who have followed my first week on Blogtober 2018. If you have missed any posts you can find the at the bottom of this post.  Today is day 8 and the theme is hearing them read for libraries week.

One of the nicest parts to parenting in my eyes, is reading with our children. And teaching them about the world of books.  In my mind a child is never too young to read a book.

When my Daughter was very young, we always read her a bedtime story, and this became part of her bedtime routine.  As she grew, we would read the story and also talk about the book, talking about colours or how many of something there was, or what we thought would happen on the next page.

You really can not fault the imagination of a young child, the story would go off on a totally different path, and we used to have great fun.  This showed when she started school as she found English an easy subject, especially writing stories and poems.

We were very lucky when my Daughter was little, as my Mother in law worked for a book publishers, and we were always getting parcels of books.  I am not kidding you, she still has that many she could open her own library.

You would often find her having some quiet time reading a book, and as she grew she would read to herself when she went to bed for a while. I would sometimes sit in with her and we would discuss the book and the storyline.

Libraries are great places to visit and find new books to read, this was something my Daughter and my Dad would do, and go on a little adventure to get new books and hand in the ones they had read.

Do you like reading with your child, or did you find it a chore?

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  • Brilliant post. As an Early Years Educator I can confirm that this gives them the best start for reading.

    admin 7 months ago Reply

    Thank you :), it certainly worked with my Daughter as she always found reading, plus writing stories and poems very easy x

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