Strange Things Found In Storage Units


You can not fail to see Storage Units popping up in our towns and industrial estates throughout the Country, these are units are great for those of us who want need to store items either if we are waiting to move into a new house or just do not have room at home for larger items.

Sometimes though, Storage Units are abandoned and the items inside are left behind. You may have seen the TV Series Storage Wars, where people get to bid on abandoned Storage Units.  This is always a gamble as they are opened up and the bidders get a few minutes to see inside before they start bidding.

Sometimes there are some quite weird and wonderful items found in these abandoned Storage Units.

  1. Treasure – In 2011 a chest containing gold and silver coins was discovered in a unit in California .  These coins turned out to be Spanish 16th Century gold and was worth $500,000.
  2. A Comic Book which belonged to Nicholas Cage – In 2000 a rare comic book was stolen from Nicholas Cage and filed with the police.  10 years later this comic book was found in an abandoned Storage Unit was now worth over $1 million.
  3. Lotus Submarine – This is James Bonds car from the film A Spy Who Loved Me, the owner was unaware of the car’s history until he mentioned it to a friend.
  4. 250 Songs By Michael Jackson – Someone found 250 songs recorded by Michael Jackson that have never been released, these are estimated to be worth millions of dollars.
  5. A Live Hand Grenade – A live hand grenade was found by a buyer of an auction. As soon as he realised what it was he called the police straight away and the bomb squad  was sent in.  Luckily no one was hurt.

It really is interesting reading about strange things found in Storage Units, have you heard of any other strange items?

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  • Karla P 12 months ago Reply

    Wow! The Nicholas Cage comic book is pretty amazing! Who would store a hand grenade? Weird!

    admin 12 months ago Reply

    I know I would run a mile from a hand grenade let alone store one, people really do store some strange things x

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