How to create an inviting family kitchen

Considered by many as the “heart of the home”, your kitchen has many uses. Whether you’re chatting with your kids over breakfast or catching up with your other half at dinner.  There’s a good chance your cooking space is much more than a place to simply prepare meals. For tips on how to turn your kitchen into a comfortable, inviting space for everyone, keep reading.

Add warmth with solid wood

Solid wood is a popular material that often features in family kitchens. And it can be used in a number of different ways. For example, you could go for solid wood style cabinets or worktops. Regardless of whether you opt for a rich, golden oak or something lighter, such as beech or maple. There’s no denying that the natural finish of solid wood exudes warmth and beauty. Leaving you with a cosy, homely room for the whole family to enjoy.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing. Solid wood is renowned for being strong and hardwearing, making it the perfect choice for even the busiest of households. This type of material is able to withstand the general wear and tear that this room is subject to on a daily basis. What’s more, it’s easy to maintain too. As kitchen specialists Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets point out. This material can be wiped down with a damp cloth and soapy water. So you needn’t worry about any sticky fingerprints.

Create a relaxing setting with a kitchen island

When you’re not preparing meals, packing lunch boxes and washing the dishes. It’s likely you use your kitchen to catch up with your family, so it’s only right to make sure it’s as accommodating as possible. A kitchen island could be perfect. When positioned in the middle of your cooking space, this type of surface provides an additional comfortable area for you and your brood to relax and hang out in. What’s more, it also gives you extra surface space and storage. If you want to install a kitchen island in your home, do some research into kitchen suppliers in your area and enquire what they could do for you. If for example you’re based in Sheffield, there’s the company Xclusive Kitchens who provide a free consultation to help ensure you’re confident with what you’re going to buy before committing.

While it’s important to get the look and feel of your space just right, you must not  forget to think about safety. It’s no secret that your kitchen is potentially one of the most dangerous rooms in your home, so if you want to keep your kids out of harms way, it pays to be sensible where safety is concerned.

The good news is, you don’t necessarily have to compromise on style when it comes to making your kitchen a safe place for all the family to enjoy. For example, it’s possible to get sleek, modern induction hobs that are designed to heat up pots and pans without the need for an open flame. What’s more, you can also install discreet locks and latches on your drawers and cupboard doors.

Once you’ve perfected your kitchen space,  you’ll be left with a cosy, homely room for the whole family to enjoy. Kitchen unit refurbishment is always something I look at.


How to create an inviting family kitchen

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    I would love to have a kitchen island in my own kitchen, it would make life so much easier. I find them great additions to making the kitchen modern.

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    I would love one as well, I love dreaming about my ideal kitchen and know what I want and one day I will have the perfect kitchen x

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