To My Beautiful Daughter

Dear C Yesterday you turned 15, where have the years gone. It only seemed like yesterday I held you in my arms for the very first time. And gazed down into your beautiful little face… View Post

A Letter to My Beautiful Daughter

Dear C You have been ill now for 3 years. I have watched my once chatty, bubbly, happy little girl get worse and worse. As the months have turned into years. The pain I have… View Post

Blogtober Day 30 – A Letter To Someone

It is Day 30 of Blogtober and todays topic is a letter to someone.  I have sat here and started writing many letters and stopped, and rewritten.  I just can not find the right words… View Post

A Mums Letter From The Heart

Dear Mums and Dads of Children with a chronic illness I want you to know you are not alone, although you may feel very alone at times. I know what it is like to have… View Post

A Letter to my beautiful Daughter

Dear Daughter Today is ME Awareness Day. I am writing this letter to you, to let you know how amazing both Dad and I think you are. You have had a very rough year with… View Post

A letter from the heart

Dear Daughter You have been ill since New Years Eve, you have been in pain, and unwell for all this time. I know I tell you, but thought I would write a letter from the… View Post