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This is the first post, in what will become a regular feature, I will start by recapping on our story of how we got here. On New Years Eve, we were with friends about to cheer in the New Year, when my Daughter (who is 12) came over ill and her legs went ‘funny’ and […]


A little update

I thought I would do a little update today, for those of you that have been following my weekly updates and my Daughters illness. As you will know, from my weekly update last Saturday, we had been told unofficially her diagnosis, but until I had seen it in black and white I was not going […]

My Week - 26/03/2016

My Week – 26/03/16

Another week has passed and time again for my weekly update.  This week has been full of firsts for me. I will start with an update on my Daughter for all those following how she is doing, she is no better, I have spent the week trying to speak to her Consultant with no joy. […]

I am more than just mum

I Am More Than Just ‘Mum’

Going about your daily life, no matter what you do, everyone knows you as your child/rens Mum, your life revolves around being a Mum, but we are more than just a Mum, so who are we? So let’s see who we really our. MUM – I am a Mum to my Daughter, and yes my daily […]

My Week

My Week – 05/03/2016

I can not believe it is that time of the week, for my weekly post of what has been happening in my life. For those that are following me, my Daughter is still not well. Monday we managed to get her to school for a couple of hours, but came home in tears and feeling […]

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