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Blogtober Day 31 – Happy Halloween

It is the final day of Blogtober, and what a month and variety of topics we have covered.  Todays theme is Happy Halloween. I have done a few of these type posts in the past and thought I would do a fun facts post about Halloween. Orange and Black and the Halloween colours, because orange […]

Blogtober Day 30 – A Letter To Someone

It is Day 30 of Blogtober and todays topic is a letter to someone.  I have sat here and started writing many letters and stopped, and rewritten.  I just can not find the right words or the right topic. I am going through a very emotional time at the moment and struggling with a lot […]

Blogtober Day 28 and Day 29

I am cheating slightly as I missed yesterday, so am doing a joint post for blogtober Day 28 was about my favourite instagram photo, I sat looking through my photos, but could not pick one, so have found this very difficult, I have a few favourites that are all for different reasons. This is also […]

Blogtober Day 24 – Disney Character I Identify With

Day 24 of Blogtober is asking which Disney character I identify with mostly, I think I have a few characters I could identify with. Cinderella  I am an only child, and do not have an evil stepmum or stepsisters.  but my life seems to be taken up running around after others, and putting their needs […]

Blogtober Day 23 – My Favourite Time Of The Year

Today on the blogtober challenge, we are finding out my favourite time of the year. Although I was slightly torn between two really, I chose Spring. Why Spring? Because we have been through the doom of the cold, dark winter, with dull and grey days, the freezing cold icy winds and rain. With spring,  the […]

Blogtober Day 21 – What Am I Afraid Of?

Today is day 21 of the blogtober challenge, thank you to those who are still with me on this challenge. Today we are finding out what am I afraid of? The one thing that scares me is death, which I am sure it is for a lot of people.   I am not so scared […]

blogtober Day 19 – 10 Favourite Foods

Day 19 already of blogtober, today is all about my 10 favourite foods, a very happy topic for me, we all need and love food, I just need to bring my list down to 10. So, here goes my 10 favourite foods Chocolate – this had to be number 1, I am a woman I love […]

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