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Blogtober Day 8 – Favourite TV Programs

Day 8 of the Blogtober Challenge is asking what my favourite TV programs are.  This is an easy one for me. First of is the soaps, I watch the 3 main ones Emmerdale, Eastenders and Coronation Street.  It is my bit of switching off and I love them. I get so engrossed I laugh and […]

Blogtober Day 7 – What Made You Start Blogging?

Today is day 7 of the blogtober challenge, and todays topic is ‘What Made You Start Blogging? Those that are regular readers to my blog, would have seen me speak about this before, but for those who are new to reading my blog, here is why I started blogging. I used to read blogs and […]

Blogtober Day 4 – Share A Secret About Yourself

We are into day 4 and todays topic is ‘Share A Secret About Yourself.  Since seeing the list about joining Blogtober, I have sat struggling with trying to find a secret to share, so I am doing my post on secret phobias. Apart from the usual spiders, heights etc I have a huge phobia of […]

Blogtober Day 1 – Who Are You?

As I stated in my last post, I am taking part in the #Blogtober16 challenge, where we post everyday with a different topic.  Todays topic is Who Are You? For those who do not know me, I am Sam a 40 something Mum, StepMum, Wife, Blogger, Nurse, Housekeeper, Cook,  you get the picture. I am […]

Goodbye September – Hello October

I can not believe another month is over, where has September gone, it has flown by for us, and now we are looking forward to a brand new month. September has had its ups and downs, and very busy we saw the start of the new school year, and C starting back with her 1 […]

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