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Snapfish Coaster Review

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to review create and review my own coasters from Snapfish. The process was easy you, receive 6 coasters and can either choose 1 or 6 designs, I varied mine and chose 6 different designs. We did have a slight hitch in ordering, but after contacting them, this […]

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My Week 14/11/15

This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster with emotions flying high (mainly my daughters) and we have had a few battles to contend with. All in all it has been a pretty good week but oh my  has she given me a few moments. Monday we had the start of what I think […]

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Happy Friday

Well you would think so, being the end of the week and no alarms or getting up early for 2 days. Oh no Little Miss Stroppy is in town again this morning.  I am not a morning person, I am the first one to admit that, but I am civil and I do answer if […]

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Wax Crayon Christmas Review

We can not escape that Christmas is fast approaching and we not only do we have that long list of christmas presents to buy, the food to buy, the decorations, we also think about the wrapping of the presents and leaving the children leaving out their sack for Father Christmas to fill. I was given […]

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Mum 1- Daughter 0

Some of you may have seen my post on my Facebook page yesterday with Mum v’s Daughter. So thought I had better explain. As we did not have a roast dinner on Sunday, I cooked one yesterday, it was roast chicken which she loves anyway.  I cook dinner and serve it up, very pleased with myself […]

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My Daughter gets the bus home from school on her own now, which is lovely for me as no more going out in the horrible cold weather. This afternoon I am sitting here working and my phone pings with a text from my Daughter as school had finished, so I think it is going to be […]

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My Week 8/11/15

This week we have had no dramas, no stress just for once a normal week, which is so refreshing. I have had a very happy Daughter as she was counting down to her birthday which was yesterday. How my Daughter has just turned 12 is beyond me, the years have gone far too quickly. She […]

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To My Daughter

Dear Daughter Today you turn 12 years old, 12 how did that happen. These past couple of days I have been sitting and thinking back to 12 years ago, when I was sitting in my hospital bed eagerly waiting your arrival,  a day I had once thought would never happen. At 3.45am on 7th November […]

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RSPCA – Rehoming A Domestic Animal

Everyone who knows me and who follows me and my blog will know about my dog Max and slowly his little story is coming out. Yesterday, I received an email asking if I was a #RehomingAngel, from a lovely lady who is working alongside RSPCA in raising awareness and the importance of rehoming domestic animals. Max […]

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Poppy & Millie Personalised Wall Art Review

I was very lucky to be given the opportunity to review a piece of personalised wall art from Poppy & Millie. I have often seen these pictures and always loved the look of them. The whole process is really easy You chose a list of minimum of 15 words to use in the wall art, […]

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