We all love the thought of sandy beaches, sitting listening to the sea, but one thing that I hate, and am known for moaning about is the sand, it gets everywhere  and no sooner have… View Post

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The perfect antidote to a few weeks of stressful family strife is a well-planned family break that gets you all out of the house for a weekend away from it all. It doesn’t matter whether… View Post

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Most of us go through times of having trouble sleeping and getting a full nights sleep, leaving us feeling tired the next day. But as many of you know I am a parent of a… View Post

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Ok I know this is a very off topic thing to talk about, but we all have blood, and a lot of us even donate blood, but do we know much more about our blood,… View Post

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Having your own home, is not all about paying the mortgage or rent and the monthly bills, it is all about furnishing your home as well, to your own style, and comfort. We all know that… View Post

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I was recently asked if I would like to review a product from the Hunkemoller range, I have often looked at their range but have never yet purchased from them. For those who have not… View Post

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Although we live in a world where all human beings are different from one another, there are similarities in terms of our wants and needs. There are certain things every person should have in their… View Post

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Every home has a few projects that just need to be done to make the place feel like home. For those who have a keen eye for design, however, putting your furniture where you like… View Post

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As a way of taking good care of children, you will have to consider buying a good bed fit for their age, especially. Suitable beds for kids help them be comfortable in their sleep, which… View Post

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5 Tips for Preparing Your House for Sale The world doesn’t stop when you decide to sell your house. You still need to go to work, get the kids to school, cook dinner, and if… View Post

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