The ups and downs of living with a teen

My Week – 10/10/15

This week has been very busy, but a lot less emotional than the previous few weeks thankfully. Last Sunday, my daughter had her first trip out shopping into town on her own with a friend.  I dropped her at her friends house and then off they went.  They had  a great time, she spent all […]

I am a horrible Mum today

I need to change my title from Stressed Mum to Mean Mum or Horrible Mum. We are pretty laid back parents with our Daughter, she is good and does not (well yet anyway), cause us too many problems. We are however strict where homework etc comes in. Everyday, it is the same conversations about homework, […]

Those Little White Lies

You all know the ones I am talking about, the Tooth Fairy, Father Christmas etc. My Daughter is going to be 12 next month, I used to love being the Tooth Fairy making sure I knew where her tooth was, only to find when I used to sneak in to swap it she had moved […]

My Week – 3/10/15

It has been a very different week for us this week. Last Saturday, I did my first professional photo shoot, I was so nervous as had only done shoots for friends before, but it went really well, you can see how I did here. Last Sunday we celebrated our 13th Wedding Anniversary, my husband cooked […]

Joint Pain Comfrey Ointment Review

I was asked if I would like to review the Remedinature Comfrey Ointment Bone Joint Arthritic Knee Pain, Natural Relief Odourless Skin Balm. Before I begin my review I will advise that I received this item free of charge, but my opinions are true to my own finding. When I opened the balm, it had […]

Goodbye September, Hello October.

What a month September has been for us. We started off with my Daughter starting Secondary School, the week before she started I was an emotional and nervous wreck.  I was having bad nights sleep and worrying if she would be ok, would she be happy, along with the fact that she would be travelling […]

How nervous was I?

Last week I wrote a post which you can read here, about my husband and myself starting our own photography business. I have only really done photo shoots on my family and friends, I have always got scared of taking charge of the camera and lights and actually do a proper photography session. This all […]

My Week – 26/09/15

After the last 2 weeks, things have been slightly better this week, apart from my daughter coming home from school on Monday and telling me that her eyes have been hurting and every lesson she was sent down to the medical room as she had a headache, eyes hurting and felt sick a few times. […]

A New Beginning

As my regular readers will already know, myself and my Husband launched our new business last week, and I am very proud to introduce you to Surrey Studio. We are a husband and wife team who work together or separately, depending on our clients wishes, from our very own purpose built studio on our premises. […]

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