The ups and downs of living with a teen

Valentines Day

Whether you are in a relationship or not, you can not escape Valentines Day, it is being advertised everywhere from 2nd January. We never celebrate Valentines Day, my Husband says why should I pay double the amount for a bunch of flowers and go out and spend more money on a limited selection meal out, […]

My Week 13/02/16

One day I am going to start a ‘My Week’ post with positive and happy news, that day will come one day I promise. Monday morning I was at the Dr for an angry rash on my neck and arm, and it is caused by stress, so no surprise there really, got some fantastic cream […]

My Loview Review

I firstly have to apologise to Aleksandra for the delay in posting my review, I have kept her up to date and she has been very kind in allowing me to delay my review. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to review a mural from, I was given the chance to choose […]

Pancake Day

So today is Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday as some people call it.  A day that children and adults love, where you get to eat loads of pancakes, what more does anyone need. Shrove Tuesday, is the day before Ash Wednesday and the start of lent.  I know about this through growing up, but decided […]

My Week – 08/02/16

This week (or last week as it is now), was slightly better than the previous week. Unfortunately, my Daughter is still not well, and we were back at the Dr’s on Monday morning, who signed her off school for the whole week, with total rest.  And yes she had a sick note.  She also arranged […]

An Auction For Charity

You may or may not know that my husband is a photographer and we run our own photography studio. He is also an official photographer for Heels for Combat. One of our models who we work with, is also an official model for Heels for Combat, this is a charity where models donate their time […]

Goodbye January – Hello February

January has been and gone and we are now into the second month of the year.  I for one am glad to say goodbye to January, it really has been a rotten month for us. As you will probably know we run our own photography business (please do not think my photos are the standard […]

Snapfish Valentines Day Review

I was contacted by Snapfish to ask if I would like to review their valentines range.  They gave me a limit on what to spend. So I sat down with a coffee and logged onto Snapfish and had a look through their valentines range, there really is something for everyone, and I sat there for a long […]

When your child is ill

As parents we have all been there, with a child who is unwell.  We have sat up at nights with them when they can not sleep, we have cleared away the sick, changed beds at times we did not know existed during the night, even bathed them. We have nursed coughs and colds, sickness bugs, […]

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