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12 Days of Joy Gift Box

Nothing helps build up more excitement for Christmas like a festive advent calendar. But these days, many of us are ditching the chocolate treats and opting for a more luxurious option. One perfect example is this 12 Days of Joy Calendar, generously given to me by the online bingo experts at Paddy Power Bingo, the perfect […]

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How To Become A Nutritionist

With the festive period fast approaching, where we find ourselves eating and drink far too much, and the  New Year always a time where we think of improving our lives in the coming year, not only in our personal lives but also for some our careers as well. How about becomming a Nutritionist? A nutritionist […]

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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

It will soon be christmas, where we will be celebrating with family and friends, but there is also that manic time beforehand where we try to find that perfect gift.  If you need help then my Ultimate Gift Guide might just have the ideal present. O’Keeffe’s Hardworking Skincare giftpack is a great gift for those […]

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If like me you find the idea of decorating exciting, but then the reality of choosing how to decorate hard work as you need to decide colour schemes and wallpaper design, then carry on reading as I might just have the answer to your dreams. One room I always find difficult is my Daughters room, […]

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Kid proofing your floors

Children are one of the biggest commitments we can make in life, but also one of the best. It is immensely important that we ensure that our homes are properly prepared for the thundering of feet that are about to descend on it. One of the key areas to ensure is ready is your floor, […]

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Colic Awareness With Infacol And A Giveaway

Thousands of Mums-to-be are anxiously anticipating the birth of their baby, and while they’re kitted out with muslin cloths and knitted booties galore, research has found that many new mums are not prepared for one of the most common medical conditions affecting newborns, with 1 in 3 British mums admitting they were not aware of infant […]

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Do You Expect Good Customer Service?

Everyone who knows me, will know that I expect good customer service, no matter where I am.  I have been known to be a little vocal when I have not received good customer service as well.  My husband, children and even friends even tell me to just be quiet and let it drop before I […]

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Halfords Black Friday Competition

Black Friday is fast approaching, as we all know this is the day when every retail outlet drops the prices on their products, and us as consumers search for bargains. As well as offering a variety of  bargains in their Black Friday sale,  Halfords are running their great Black Friday  competition again with some amazing […]

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Car Safety Checks

As a driver we all know that when owning a car (or even if you are borrowing a car), it is not all about putting petrol in the car and off we go on our journey, whether it is to the shops or a long journey.  There are many other things we need to check, […]

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What Makes A Perfect Working Environment

What makes a perfect working environment to you? This is something that I have heard a few times and had many discussions about.  I have worked in different fields where my working environments have all been totally different. I started working in an Employment Agency carrying out their administration and book work.  Here my desk […]

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