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What a difference

We are now into our second full week of secondary school and what a difference I have noticed in my daughter already. She coped really well with finding her way around a new school, she loves going to school and home again on the bus and using her door key to let herself in.  She […]

Timehop Memories

Like a lot of you, I have the timehop app on my phone, and everyday I look through and relive the memories from years ago, some happy, some sad and some funny. This week has been very emotional for a very different reason to last weeks emotional week, and while I looked through at todays […]

If I Could………

I have joined in with the If I Could….. tag, thanks to Helen at Beautiful Things. So here are my answers to the questions. If I could live anywhere….. If I could live anywhere I would love to live in Australia, for all the sunshine and outdoor living, I just feel it is a much […]

Dear Daughter

When I came across this the other day, I thought how very true it was. This past year, we have really seen herself and her friends change.  They are growing up they have hormones running havic and this makes for some very emotional times. She started her last year in Primary like any other year, […]

My Top Photos

Just been sat browsing on Facebook, and saw that a friend had shared an app My Top Photos of the Year.  So me being me, had to have a look and see, and some of my favourite pictures have come up.  Some are old photos that are timehop though. Thought I would share them with […]

Silly Accidents

Has your child ever had a really silly accident, that has resulted in something more serious? In 2011, we were staying at a friends house , the next morning us adults were chatting, while the kids played. All of a sudden my daughter let out a horrific scream.  Two seconds before this I had watched her […]

How many do you say a day?

I saw this earlier and it made me realise just how many of us Mums say the same things day in and day out.   My daughter is older now, so some of these I no longer say but have said in the past 1.  No – I think we all say this no matter what […]

Being a Stepmum

I saw this the other day and thought it quite apt.     When I met my now husband, I did not have children, we had both been in long term relationships, and he had two boys.  One of the first things he said to me not long after we had got together was, I […]


It seeems to to be the current trend for girls this year is dip dying their hair. My daughter, like many others is desperate for this in her hair as well, but I just can not do it, it is not that I am one of those mums who refuses as I do like it, […]

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