The Magic Of My Name

One thing I have always loved to do with my children, is show them the world of books and stories.  I remember reading to my Daughter before she could talk, but we would look at the pretty colours and pictures, which lead to a world of fun and imaginary adventures as she grew older.  Luckily, my Granddaughter is going to be having the same fun and adventures with books.

I was recently asked to review The Magic Of My Name book, well I was asked about reviewing The Magic Of Liverpool FC, but that would not have been allowed in this house, so I opted for the safer option of the name book.

The story is beautifully written and illustrated and starts off like any normal night of bedtime and stories, before embarking on an adventure.

Every book is different as each letter of your child’s name reveals a magical quality, which creates another adventure through the story, for example A is for Adorable, S is for Sincere.  So no two books are the same each story is different and exciting.

If you are buying this as a gift you can also personalise and dedicate the book to make it even more special, and a keepsake that they can keep forever.

I can not wait to give this to my Granddaughter, ok she is still a little young to understand but she will, and as she grows she will love the story all about her name.

The book is a great gift for any occasion, for 0-8 year olds, you can choose from a soft cover to hard cover, and is 38 pages of a fun personalised story and illustrations.

Ordering is very easy, you start by putting in the name, girls or boy and you can even choose their picture for the story. You then get your chance to put a personalised message, and can then look through the story so you get to see the full story before you complete your order.

You can find out more and how to order your own personalised book at My Magic Story, I know I will be ordering another one for My Grandson as they really are such lovely books.

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    • admin
      18/06/2018 / 3:08 pm

      It is a lovely book, not seen my granddaughter yet to give it to her x

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